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Aims of the meeting:

Enhance collaboration of wetland restoration, conservation and other land use science, as well as finding solutions for occuring problems. Furthermore we want to encourage discussions around new wetland conservation, restoration and management research.

Who may attend?

We want to encourage people of all branches of wetland science and practice, and especially those with a focus on European wetland issues, to participate, including: Biologists, Local Government Officials & Decision-Makers, Consultants, Conservationists, Ecologists, Educators, Environmental Consultants, Scientists, and Managers, Foresters, Graduate Students, Hydrologists etc.

Programme main topics:

  • Knowledge transfer (1) - Strategies on how wetland science can be effectively implemented in practice 
  • Conservation conflicts (2) - Approaches to harmonise wetland functions and economic interests
  • Management (3) - Wetlands for mitigation of water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity
Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the program release of the 11th SWS meeting!  


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