It’s possible that this bike was used on the Eastern Front as it’s fitted with the sidecar and handlebar heaters designed to keep armed motorcycle troops from freezing to death in temperatures that could get as low as –30 °C (–22 °F) or lower, often accompanied by strong icy winds. There’s also a paratrooper emblem on the saddlebag, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, the swivel post that’s positioned at the front of the sidecar typically held an MG 34 machine gun back in the day. Fuel capacity: 6.3 gal (13.9ltr) BMW R75WH 750/275 Book1 1941-1944 Giovanni Bianchi WWII german Wehrmachtsgespann . Sofort-Kaufen +CHF 23,82 Versand. Our advertisers may use cookies to offer targeted advertising relevant to your interests. The letterings can be embossed in the plate, being imprinted in the cast or they can be on a sign or a transfer. BMW R75 Wh Schutzblechstütze BW43 hinten KS750 Steib Royal Wehrmachtsgespann . Gebraucht. … Jetzt BMW R75 Gespann bei kaufen. shipping) Can be delivered immediately. Anyone with better understanding of German grammar feel free to correct me as my last class of 3 years of German language instruction was 1971! See all. … Then we went for a short ride. Zündapp equipped its KS750 with a linkage front fork more suitable for heavy loads, while BMW chose a hydraulic fork. The last batch of these motorcycles is 25pcs.... 700 This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. BMW R51; BMW R75; Military Motorcycles; BMW Rennsport; 1950s. 92 Ergebnisse für bmw r75 wehrmacht. … And to assure that the R75 would accept any fuel that was on hand in a busy war zone, the two low-compression combustion chambers were engineered to burn fuel that seemingly had a combustibility factor only slightly more than that of water. Already a Member/Subscriber but haven't activated your account. Power was sent back via a shaft to the rear wheel and a second transverse shaft sends power to the sidecar wheel giving full drive to both rear wheels. Ein BMW R75 Schweres Wehrmachtsgespann wird nach dem Wüsteneinsatz (Rommel Afrika Korps) im 2. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 30-day returns. The low-range set of gears in particular enabled the R75 to climb steep grades. BMW R75 Wehrmachtsgespann . Gears are shifted using a traditional foot lever and there’s a hand lever on the side of the fuel tank to switch between road (strabe) and off road (gelande) gearboxes. 8 MONTHS AGO / NO COMMENTS / CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES. A Look At The Incredible GP Ice Race – Would You Ski Behind A Race Car. Versandziel aktualisieren 7 A 0 N Z E I G A E P A 7 E-1-1-1 ... Sofort-Kaufen +CHF 5,41 Versand. But thanks to what amounts to Teutonic tenacity and toughness, mixed with a fair amount of stubborn pride, BMW’s management convinced the OKH to retain their design, too. At the time, the rig was in pieces, but Mike says that the engine and chassis numbers match, so what Willi bought probably rolled as a unit during the war years and beyond. For use in the icy climates of eastern Europe the R75 could also be fitted with heaters that circulated heat from the engine into the footwell and up to the handlebars. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The new bike would replace BMW’s existing R12, a model with an obsolete rigid frame and an aging flathead engine. Carburetion: Two Graetzin Sa 24mm BMW R 75 WH brochure brochure R75 Wehrmacht . The BMW R 75 and Zündapp KS 750 are specially constructed for the German Wehrmacht. Someone once suggested to me that a sidecar is a motorcycle with a little fun on the side. Perhaps BMW R75 no. By war’s end BMW had turned out an estimated 16,500-18,000 copies of the big three-wheeler. BMW R75 + Zijspan Wehrmacht. 750097, signifying that it was the 96th particular R75 sidecar built, was destined specifically for use by Germany’s Third Reich as a weapon of war. By chance, Mom and Dad were heading out the door for a dinner date with friends. Visit The Store Here. The R75 was designed by BMW in 1938 in response to the Wehrmacht 's request for a suitable motorcycle, meeting certain criteria. Although a lot of the history this bike lived through has been lost we do know that it likely lived in Italy for a time, and it benefits from an older restoration. The PW50 is a motorcycle that needs no…, The Norton Commando 750 S was the scrambler version of the Commando series, a model range from Norton that would prove to be one of their best sellers even as the onslaught of motorcycles from…, The most memorable vehicles in the M*A*S*H TV series were almost certainly the twin Bell 47 choppers that featured heavily in the opening credits – the helicopter you see here was the one closest to the camera…, This earthmover Unimog is one of those vehicles that I have absolutely no conceivable use for, but find myself wanting all the same. During World War II the Wehrmacht needed as many vehicles as it could get of all types and many other German companies were asked to build motorcycles. “This thing always attracts people,” Mike says, adding, “and we get all sorts of waves on the freeway when we ride.” By we, he means him and his wife, who by chance had ridden the rig from their home in Riverside, California, to nearby Temecula where they enjoyed lunch at the city’s historic Old Town district a couple days before I photographed the veteran World War II bike. Site Powered by Gasoline and Caffeine. Custom Off-Road BMW R1150GS Adventure Sidecar Built By Boxer Metal GoPro Hero 3+ - Duration: 11:25. As on many other working equipments we can find a lot of signs, letterings and labels. Mike Dunn, who owns Vintage German Motorcycles, enjoys the same kind of interaction with bystanders whenever he rides his World War II-vintage 1941 BMW R75 sidecar featured here. Adding to your basket. The BMW R75 is powered by a horizontally opposed, air-cooled, twin cylinder engine with a capacity of 745cc, 26 hp at 4,000 rpm, a compression ratio of 5.8:1, two valves per cylinder, and two carburettors. Privacy Policy - Terms of Service - Contact Us. Pounding the internet has paid off. BMW refused to accept defeat and managed to negotiate to build their own bike, the R75, but to pool resources with Zündapp and ensure that the two bikes would share approximately 70% of their components. Albums: 1 with 346 images. I fetched the open-face helmet that we kept stashed in the sidecar for such occasions, and told her to put it on. i have been thinking that OKW has kubel at start of game, British has the universal carrier, USF can have jeep but its doctrinal so how about motorcycle for Wehrmacht army at their HQ?? The BMW R75 sidecar outfit that the Wehrmacht used so effectively and in such great numbers in every theatre of its operations during WWII was no mere... Blue Moon Cycle Inc Norcross, GA - 2,033 mi. Albums: 0. The Complete Book Of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946, How To Troubleshoot, Repair, & Modify Motorcycle Electrical Systems, Heritage Revisited: 2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello. The vehicle is in very good condition and registered in Switzerland as a veteran vehicle. Brandneu. The Noris generator and magneto shared the same aluminum drive gear with the camshaft, too. No matter that she wore a really pretty and delicate evening dinner dress and her hair was prim and proper for her date with Dad, she wanted a ride. Mike added a white stenciled regimental emblem to the front and rear of the sidecar, as this bike was originally used by a German Army airborne reconnaissance unit. Search. BMW R-75 army combination 1943. Both BMW and Zündapp met the requirements with their respective models, due to a number of factors not the least of which was its cheaper to produce stamped-steel frame, the Zündapp was chosen. Hi, I have recently restored and painted my 1943 R75. Save Even More Money with our RALLY-RATE plan! The handshifter on the right side of the gas tank allows for shifting between on-road and offroad gear sets, plus reverse. well hello again guys this is my second topic in forums for coh2. Silodrome was founded in 2010 as a website dedicated to Gasoline Culture and all it entails - We write about modern cars, classic cars, motorcycles, racing, gear, gadgets, clothing, boats, planes, airships and the occasional submarine.Read more... © Silodrome 2020. all rights reserved. Both companies submitted designs using boxer-style twin-cylinder engines, but the bikes’ chassis were rather dissimilar. BMW R75 1946 (Soviet Army small series) This is a small post war series that was made for the Soviet army from the spare parts that were found at the destroyed BMW R75 factory. Bob H. Association Member. Hampshire England, 11th August 2019. There’s something magically intoxicating about a sidecar that attracts all sorts of people to admire the odd-looking vehicles. BMW R11; BMW R12 Gespann, Wehrmacht; BMW R75 748cc 2 cyl ohv 3001; A vendre magnifique Motosacoche 500 jubilée (type 426) side-car Impérial. An armed R75. €15 Incl. This article and its contents are protected by copyright, and may only be republished with a credit and link back to - ©2020, This is the new three piece apparel collection by the team at We Went Fast, it celebrates the mighty little Yamaha PW50 on its 40th anniversary. Long-time member. Or, Bill Me Later and I'll pay just $34.95 for a one year subscription! : Tank air filter: yes - no . BMW 1980-1989; BMW R100S 1980; 1990s. Add to shopping cart. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Price then/now: NA/$45,000. Testing proved the BMW’s fork tended to easily compress as the bike’s load increased. Transmission: 4-speed w/reverse (low-ratio 3-speed w/ reverse for offroad) The BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW.In the 1930s BMW were producing a number of popular and highly effective motorcycles. BTW to Dain, I had a many year subscription to Cycle Guide and was unbelievably sad at the shut down of the magazine. These cookies do not store any personal information. Mike was piloting another World War II vintage sidecar (a Zündapp KS600), with his daughter riding shotgun, and during a fuel stop the R75 rolled up. Stay healthy everyone. Brakes: 9.8in (250mm) drum brakes front and rear, 9.8in (250mm) hydraulic brake for sidecar BMW R 75 WH brochure brochure R75 Wehrmacht. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. is America's premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers and life long motorheads who love the sound and the beauty of classic bikes. He cosmetically touched up the license plate to give it a natural-looking patina, and when he learned that R75 sidecars were originally used by one of the German army’s more legendary airborne reconnaissance units, Mike located the proper regimental emblem and stenciled a copy of it to the front and rear of the sidecar. Perhaps that’s an oversimplification, but it’s true. The vehicle has been professionally and true to original restored from 1999 to 2003. In addition, the KS750’s pressed-steel frame was less expensive to manufacture than the BMW’s tubular frame, prompting the German high command to select Zündapp’s entry. Description. 49 Ergebnisse für bmw r75 wehrmacht. Electrics/ignition: Noris magneto In August 1942 Zündapp and BMW, on the urging of the Army, agreed upon standardization of parts for both machines, with a view of eventually creating a Zündapp-BMW hybrid, … Both the BMW R75 and the Zündapp KS 750 were developed in the late 1930s to meet a requirement put forward by the German Wehrmacht (military) for a sidecar equipped motorcycle. away . 4+ BMW R75. Published on 2019-07-13 BMW R75, built in 1941, in configuration for machine-gun (excl MG 34). The sound and the fury: celebrate the machines that changed the world! At some point he sold the restored sidecar to another enthusiast in Austria who wishes to remain anonymous, and who also happened to have served in the post-war NATO-alliance German army as a paratrooper. Mike struck up a conversation with the owner, and they decided to continue their rides together. This feature likely saved more than a few Germans from getting frostbitten toes and fingers. Topside, a pair of Graetzin carburetors received air from a common moist-felt air filter as seen on Mike’s bike; the filter location was later moved topside onto the gas tank for all future models. Drive initially came from a 4-speed transmission that included another set of numerically high-ratio (low speed) gears for offroad use, plus a reverse gear for maneuverability in a rearward direction (but not intended for retreating from combat!). (Last test by swiss road traffic licensing department in 2017) It is fully operational. Add to shopping cart » View shopping cart » Buy now with PayPal . BMW R75 WH Moto sidecar wehrmacht Sahara Africa. Motorcycle sidecars constitute the motoring community’s demilitarized zone. BMW Military r75 wh wehrmacht For Sale: 132a | 801a | r75 Reset Form: List ALL Military | BMW Parts: Save this search & get notified about new ads. The Hesketh Vortan is a one-off prototype motorcycle developed by Hesketh engineer Mick Broom, it was intended to be built as a low volume production motorcycle – with plans to build just 14 of them…. The machine had telescopic front forks, but lacked rear suspension (as did most motorcycles of the time) and frequently appeared in solo guise. BMW 1960-1969; BMW R50 R60 R69S; BMW R60/2 Cafe; R50 & R60/2 Sidecars; BMW R60/2 Tilbrook Combination; BMW Rennsport ; 1970s. During one outing I stopped at my parents’ house for a quick visit. “My friend Mark bought it,” Mike says, adding, “I was envious, in a friendly sort of way.” A short time later, though, Mark was busying himself raising funds for another project, so Mike made an offer to buy the R75, selling two bikes, a Zündapp KS500 and a BMW R61, to fund the purchase. Popham airfield Megameet bike show. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. Mike says the half-ton rig is capable of ascending hills with up to 40-degree inclines. This BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination manufactured by the German company Bavarian Motor Works. The BMW R75 sidecar outfit that the Wehrmacht used so effectively and in such great numbers in every theatre of its operations during WW2 was no mere sidecar combination but a purpose-built, cross-country vehicle. The BMW R75, a copy of a Zündapp KS750, performed particularly well in the harsh operating environment of the North African Campaign. away . The BMW R75 is a World War II -era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW. : Sidecar frame No. As three-wheelers they separate the mundane and predictable world of automobiles and trucks that lumber along on four wheels from the serendipitous lifestyle that motorcyclists passionately enjoy with their free-wheeling two-wheelers. But, BMW did agree to build their R75 with the same characteristics of that of the KS750.” And so, while both models utilized a large number of interchangeable components, the BMW R75 that the army accepted retained much of its original design, too. Positioning the shift lever to the “Gelande,” which stood for “Offroad” setting, selected the low-speed range of gears. BMW 1990-1999; 2000s. Unusually for a motorcycle the R75 features twin gearboxes giving it the equivalent of high and low range. The bike is matching numbers, with #765545 showing on both the engine and frame. Albums: 0. Email Call 1-770-504-6329. ( BMW R75 ) #1. About 70% of the parts on both Wehrmachtsgespanne are equally. Minimum ground clearance for the two-wheel drive bikes was to be no less than 6 inches (150mm), and maximum speed was set at 60mph (95kph) or more while toting a full load of 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms, the calculated weight of three soldiers and their equipment). It’s a Freightliner-modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog that was built for the US…. In the meantime, let’s also take the high road so that we can have some fun on the side with our sidecars, no matter what their origin. Diese Suche speichern. Ideas . Deutsch English Nederlands. You save an additional $5.00 and get 6 issues of Motorcycle Classics for only $29.95 (USA only). While conventional gear shifting was accomplished with a left-side foot shift pedal, a hand shifter located on the gas tank’s right side allowed for selecting on-road or offroad gear sets, plus reverse. Vehicle BMW R75 with chassis no. 1941 BMW R75 Sidecar Engine: 745cc air-cooled horizontally opposed twin, 78mm x 78mm bore and stroke, 5.8:1 compression ratio, 26hp @ 4,000rpm The BMW R75 you see here was built in 1943, although its early history is lost it was doubtless used by the German military as they took 100% of the production with very few exceptions. Silodrome, Gasoline Culture, and the Piston/Blade Icon are registered trademarks. In progress. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The power-dividing crown wheel differential at the rear equalized any varying speeds of the two rear-drive wheels while turning, allowing the R75 sidecar to perform as well as a four-wheeler. CHF 119,10. They also appear as static props in Call of Duty: WWII. 750097, but Mike can trace its history from about 1993, when a motorcycle collector in Austria named Willi bought the bike at auction in France. The great benefit of this twin gearbox solution was that it gave the BMW R75 remarkable off road ability, thousands of them were deployed all over Europe including the thick mud of the Eastern Front, and the deep sands of the North African Sahara. Any advice is appreciated, I'm going to use a Division symbol, the motor cycle unit symbol and the Divisional HQ symbol. The heavy military bikes Zündapp KS 750 and BMW R75 are working equipments that were used in the armed forces. Oberkomma… Posts: 82. 4007864020010. But that was then, this is now, and today, historic motorcycles like this play an important role in preserving our world history. In this way the spare part support is simplified. The BMW R75 and its sibling the Zündapp KS 750, were Germany’s equivalent to the American Jeep. An impressive line up of heavy German WW2 motorcycles. 750097 survives to remind us that war is wicked and brutal, and that by taking the high road today we – humankind – should do all we can to prevent future wars. She absolutely loved it, this from the woman who, during my formative years, was set against me riding (and racing) motorcycles in the first place. Sign in for checkout Check out as guest . The story of the R75 army sidecar actually has its origins in 1937 when the Wehrmacht’s Oberkommando des Heer (OKH) summoned management from BMW and Zündapp to develop a bike with sidecar capabilities for the military. I need to add tactical markings. The OKH wanted a rig that had a more powerful engine strapped into a frame using rear suspension. BMW R75 Military Sidecars of WWII. MC. Blue Moon Cycle Inc Norcross, GA - 2,033 mi. The R75 was accepted during military testing, and production began in 1941. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. It’s believed that between 16,000 and 18,000 examples of the BMW R75 were built during the war until production stopped due to the main factory being bombed by the Allies in 1944. These R 75 motorcycles were used in the Soviet Army, before the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. The BMW R75 is powered by a horizontally opposed, air-cooled, twin cylinder engine with a capacity of 745cc, 26 hp at 4,000 rpm, a compression ratio of 5.8:1, two valves per cylinder, and two carburettors. He’s a photographer based in Culver City, California, who tinkers on old… Read more » The Arkitekt: A bold and brassy BMW R75/6 from Austria. Every issue  delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made! Redeem your points | Conditions for uk nectar points - opens in a new … Otherwise a very cool article. Finden Sie viele günstige Motorrad Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt As typical from BMW, the R75 engine was stout in structure and powerful in performance. They can be stamped or painted. EUR 199,00. (I hope) and minor point, the spelling of "strabe", I believe is incorrect. Selecting “Strabe,” meaning “Street” in German put the transmission’s high-range set of gears back into play. Motorcycle for Wehrmacht! Once a war machine, and now a piece of history, this BMW R75 sidecar is about as period correct as it can be. Deutsch; English; Tags: BMW R 75 WH BMW R75 WH Broschüre Prospekt. 1:35. BMW 1970-1979; 1980s. BMW R75 Wehrmacht Heer (German Army 1935-1945) 11 Pz.Div. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of cookies. EUR 20,00. Weight (dry/stock): 882lb (400kg) with sidecar The motorcycles’ fenders were to allow clearance for non-skid chains to be fitted onto the tires, front and rear, and fuel capacity needed to sustain a range of at least 220 miles (350 kilometers). Just how far beyond the end of the war the rig continued to roll is anybody’s guess, but Willi restored the BMW during the 1990s. The BMW R75 and its rival the Zündapp KS 750 were both widely used by the Wehrmacht in Russia and North Africa, though after a period of evaluation it became clear … Similar listings BMW R75 748cc 2 cyl ohv 2810 1942 for sale. Auspuffkrümmer Krümmer BMW R75 Wehrmacht Motorrad Neu , Nachbau. In fact, the Wehrmacht presented a list of mandatory requirements, chief among them that the BMW and Zündapp bikes would share numerous components for interchangeability in the field. This rig, boasting serial no. Mike’s been able to locate items like the period-correct porcelain spark plug caps and the gas primer can affixed between the bike and the sidecar. The BMW R75-page contains all related products, articles, books, walkarounds and plastic … Register Today! Details BMW R75 748cc 2 cyl ohv 2810 1942 for sale. The newsfeed doesn't contain any items. 16+ Desert Directions. BMW 1950-1959; BMW R67 600cc 1950s; BMW R68 Twins; BMW R35 Singles 1950s; BMW Rennsport; BMW Isetta; 1960s. € 149,95 (incl 21% VAT, excl. : Engine no. If I recall, that issue had a chromed K1000 as bike of the year as was done many years for that award. Condition: New Brand: Dimensions: Din A4 Pages: 8 pages. Lineol / Elastolin - Wehrmacht Beiwagenkrad BMW R75 - 7cm Serie = 1:24. … Wehrmacht The BMW R75 is a motorcycle featured in Call of Duty and Call of Duty 3; being drivable in the latter's multiplayer.