His main role was to hide the physical evidence, as opposed to the media control. I’m, J S Mill and Queen Victoria; I’m paraphrasing Bertrand Russell in. Serving as a referendary from 1900, he joined the Bavarian civil service in 1903, working as an attorney at the Munich Police Department. John of Frickley & Burghwallis Anne: Birth: ABT 1480 in Burghwallis Hall, South Yorkshire, England. On 10 October 1933, Hitler appointed him a Reichsleiter, the second highest political rank in the Nazi Party. Some said things like "You can defeat an enemy intellectually"—apparently without military superiority. December 23, 2018 The Carlton Main Frickley Colliery principal cornet star is one of the most requested performers on the USA based 'All Brass Radio' broadcast show - so little wonder presenter Dr Jim … An analogous set of problems applies in modern legal systems which Jews have been allowed to influence: payments extorted by 'Jews' after 1945 from Germany, divorce and the exquisite error of 'feminazis', legal aid as a pot of money for groups of lawyers (I think Simon Sheppard says a case against him cost—or rather gained, for lawyers—about a million pounds, "They didn't care; it wasn't their money", organisations funded from loans and taxes, such as the CEHR 'human rights' frauds in Britain, private-ish organisations nominally of Soros set up by Jewish paper money, illegal activities of Jews tolerated, probably as a result of Freemasonry connections. But qua Jews they were not accorded any merit. Leuchter, who is or was from Boston, Mass., looks like Rick Moranis. Today, one can see Wilhelm Frick's military dress uniform at Motts Military Museum in Groveport, Ohio. His campaign, as far as I could see, consists entirely of ad hoc criticisms and suggestions for reform, with remarks that it's wonderful in the States. David Irving’s list of forgeries and fakes is from the introduction to the new, Other claims of fakery include: ‘Martin Gray’s, Trevor-Roper's piece on Scotch pseudo-traditions is a chapter in. But of course he won't. I have been amused to read in their publication since my talk two transcripts with a high proportion of 'holocaust' material, one supposedly on humanism ('.. it would be nice to get an apology for the holocaust'), the other supposedly on John Stuart Mill (suggesting free speech is pointless in such subjects). With Stalin’s authorization, a Jewish anti-Fascist Committee .. was formed; it called upon the Jews of the West to support the Soviet Union. Ralph of Frickley Anne: Birth: ABT 1395 in Frickley, Yorkshire, England. 14-16 ; Hip-Hop Flop by Stephen Rodrick, p. 17 ; Back to Basic by James Traub, p. 18 ; The Unshining Path by Gustavo Gorriti, pp. Limited scope and powers of questioning make it worthless. We had Rosenberg, Frick and Ley... for four hours in our house. She knighted Giuliani, Colin Powell & entertained Mugabe et al. ", Note on cremation: at the risk of fogging the issue, I've recently been made aware of how little is known on this by revisionists and others. However distorted it later became under Joe Stalin it was seen as a threat—in every form—communism, socialism, social democracy—everything that challenged the capitalist system—the repression of it was supported by western leaders. In each case the speakers were new members; they had only just joined. Boris Johnson, a candidate in 2012 for London Mayor. He associated himself with the radical Gregor Strasser; making his name by aggressive anti-democratic and antisemitic Reichstag speeches, he climbed to the post of the Nazi parliamentary group leader (Fraktionsführer) in 1928. As the head of the Kriminalpolizei (criminal police) in Munich, Frick took part in Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, for which he was convicted of high treason. I suspect that 'sacred prostitution' will link Jews with churches and prostitution. Hobsbawm on pogroms: ‘handful of dead of 1881’ and ‘40 to 50 of Kishinev pogrom of 1903’ given in a puzzled way as contrasted with later numbers of deaths. He (1) ran up huge paper-money debts, of course to Jews; (2) arranged huge pointless construction programmes; (3) used 'Private Finance Initiatives' to guarantee unworkable interest rates; (4) paid out for countless charities, 'think tanks', advisory groups, non-white race groups etc, all following Jewish policies; (5) of course corrupted the country with lies, for the second Iraq War; (6) used 'statutory instruments' to overturn planning decisions, give illegal immigrants money and housing, money for multiple 'wives' etc; (7) did his best to convert health services into profit-centres; (8) supported groups of thugs. The museum at St Cyr military academy in Brittany still has absurd material on this subject. Main Page Quick Links Fixtures Reports Players Transfers Rumours Table Stats Reserves Academy The Rest Archives Jewish financial power is (as far as I can tell) increasingly understood, for example in ownership of stores and shopping malls. Phil Rosenberg 28 Nov 2020 - 09:39 UTC. [2], On 25 April 1910, Frick married Elisabetha Emilie Nagel (1890–1978) in Pirmasens. On 20 May 1928, he was one of the first 12 deputies elected to the Reichstag as Nazi Party members. If you cannot find what you want, or have a question, please contact us using the Contact Form on the right or below if you are using a mobile phone.. Ulf Rosenberg - European Brass Band Association Martin Mortimer - The British Open Brass Band Championships Andrew Straiton - UniBrass David W Ashworth - Association of Brass Band Adjudicators Martin Gernon - BrassPass @British Bandsman, Band of the year contest and Centre Stage Percussion and Uniforms. 2012 Neil Armstrong died—probably a relief to him after his lifetime of lies. Peter Goldsmith in 2003 was Attorney General (not for Scotland) and came up with the right answer—Iraq must be invaded. EBBA President, Ulf Rosenberg: “It is fantastic to welcome the participating bands in the 43rd ‘European Brass Band Championship, in association with World of Brass, in the beautiful city of Palanga. [Back to start of 'Free Speech, Internet, & Holocaust Revisionism'] ..” (cf. The brass band movement is still developing witness the participation of three bands from Lithuania in the EBBC … Left to right: Hans Frank, Alfred Rosenberg, Wilhelm Frick, Joseph Goebbels, Robert Ley, Franz Xaver Schwarz, Heinrich Himmler, Viktor Lutze, Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Julius Streicher. One was the conventional view of JFK which looks wrong to me.       Jews have hung on to their lucrative Holocaust fraud with the fanaticism of a group likely to lose fortunes if they tell the truth. Leeds signed him on 1st May 1951 and after playing in the Reserves, injuries and loss of form by others saw him make his League debut, against his former club, Doncaster Rovers, in August 1952. For example, the racist Jew controlled TV in Rhodesia (before the racist Jews got their pet Mugabe in) always talked about 'racist South Africa', a typical racist Jew phrase. G B Shaw listening to the radio: this is taken from a late 1940s (undated) book by S Winsten. And after all, the other mass media are all censored. Ralph de Anne: Birth: ABT 1220. [16][17], His body, as those of the other nine executed men and the corpse of Hermann Göring, was cremated at Ostfriedhof (Munich) and the ashes were scattered in the river Isar. The Rupert Butler book is given great prominence by Faurisson, who wrote an article largely based on it, On successors to Höss at Auschwitz, this is a typical comment I found on Internet: ‘In his book Staeglich had dealt with the subject of Richard Baer, the third and last commandant of Auschwitz, the first being Höss and the second being Liebehenschel. Rosenberg was instrumental in arranging the conferences in December 1939 between Hitler and Quisling which led to the preparation of the 'attack on Norway and … Germany was the 'most evil empire ever known' and 'death camps' There were interviews with people who'd worked at Bletchley Park (including Roy Jenkins, a one-time Home Secretary. I have a theory of surrealism—that it surfaces in times when straightforward statement are censored or difficult, for example during the Spanish Civil War—which fits this film. If I recall correctly, he permitted a Vietnamese war criminal to come to live in Britain). The photo shows the Pakistani-lookalike 'Ed' Miliband, his brother being David, who makes money in (e.g.) Frick also took a leading part in Germany's re-armament in violation of the 1919 Versailles Treaty. Not to be confused (I presume) with Tibere Kremer. Indeed, the main reason that Hindenburg and Franz von Papen agreed to give the Interior Ministry to the Nazis was that it was almost powerless at the time. Death: AFT 1521 John of Frickley & Burghwallis Anne: Birth: ABT 1505 in Burghwallis Hall, South Yorkshire, England. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. The illustrations show a tiny museum in Berlin, 'Das Anti-Kriegs-Museum', set up by Ernst Friedrich in 1925. A few weeks later, on 12 March, Frick remarried in Münchberg Margarete Schultze-Naumburg (1896–1960), the former wife of the Nazi Reichstag MP Paul Schultze-Naumburg. It made reconsideration the war seem unnecessary. 2010 Johan Galtung A Scandinavian academic's figure of 96% of all media Jewish-owned was publicised. Jews and the preservation of their monopolies by symbiotic organisations such as the Catholic Church are being noticed. Death: ABT 1456 On 1 September 1925, Frick joined the re-established Nazi Party. Note that Internet sites have sourced critical comments on Simon Wiesenthal of an extraordinary nature: I quote one, for the sake of definiteness: ‘The Nuremberg Trial’ by Ann & John Tusa (1983): Tusa was trained by and had links with the BBC, including its World Service radio, and these links lasted at least through the Iraq war, in which his son also managed to broadcast. He drafted laws introducing universal military conscription and extending the Wehrmacht service law to Austria after the 1938 Anschluss, as well as to the "Sudetenland" territories of the First Czechoslovak Republic annexed according to the Munich Agreement.[8]. Few of these people have their own sites; Butz was the only one until David Irving, previously downloadable from the CODOH site, established his huge site https://www.fpp.co.uk, ‘Focal Point Publications’. He supports the Jewish agenda of forcing immigration into all white countries. He is half Jewish, half Muslim—American blacks don't seem to know Jews and Muslims dealt in black slaves for centuries. I find it impossible to form an opinion on the penetration of revisionist views in the general population. Übergang zu Werkaufnahmen in einem Filmatelier. A book by Norman Cohn. Neather was a speech-writer at the time, and indirectly provided documents, and other names, in this conspiracy. However, digital movie cameras, editing software, and broadband have all become far cheaper. What about reparations to Vietnam? Death: AFT 1521 John of Frickley & Burghwallis Anne: Birth: ABT 1505 in Burghwallis Hall, South Yorkshire, England. Fri 9th April 1999: Brian Walden on Hitler. in Martin Gilbert, was a fraud or hoax (air photography providing their evidence—along with the absence of skeletons); that much of the Jewish population in Poland in fact disguised themselves as Poles (the change-of-name archives being, I'm told, still firmly closed to investigators); that the presentation of Auschwitz/Birkenau, including rebuilt and fake exhibits, relied on concealment and spurious testimony; that Poles were treated just as badly as Jews in the camps; and that the Germans had a system for trying and punishing army war criminals and profiteers. The film was edited to emphasise some of the disgusting and unpleasant aspects of Leuchter's work, and some of the sordidness: ".... execution equipment.. at twenty percent markup.. definitely fair!" Typical is the fact it's never made clear that Britain declared war on Germany, in both world wars. He had the sole power to appoint the mayors of all municipalities with populations greater than 100,000 (except for the city states of Berlin and Hamburg, where Hitler reserved the right to appoint the mayors himself if he deemed it necessary). then Sheffield United, Kettering Town (loan), Frickley Athletic, Halifax Town, Hucknall Town (loan), Bradford PA, Barrow, Grimsby Town (trial), Scarborough (trial), Stocksbridge Park Steels, Retford United, Sheffield FC, Alfreton Town, Lincoln United (loan), Sutton Town, Goole Town, Belper Town, Buxton, Goole Town. In fact, many things in your kitchen help you fight the prickly sensation. I bambini nacquero a Pittsburgh e vennero allevati a Clayton. It is possible, under certain. It is like saying ‘abracadabra!’ and getting free gold coins for a generation, then suddenly the magic word stops working ... Youtube of David Irving discussing the bombing of Germany. Rejected as unfit, Frick did not serve in World War I. There seem to have been many more killings of strikers in the USA than of Jews in Russia. Keynes wrote on Churchill in 1925 intensifying unemployment; later, Britain 'helped to save the world'; There must have been some eye on the possibilities of revolutions (the pattern of the First World War might have repeated). 2008 Barry Soetero, inaugurated as USA president in 2009. Wilhelm Frick (12 March 1877 – 16 October 1946) was a prominent German politician of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), who served as Reich Minister of the Interior in Adolf Hitler's cabinet from 1933 to 1943[1] and as the last governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Death: ABT 1456 And this is one of the things which helped to change Indian opinion. So a base in oil regions (and also strategically placed for Suez) must have seemed useful to some, though of course there was ambivalence over this; There was and probably still is a lingering feeling that modern ‘Jews’ have some sacrosanct Biblical connection; Cheap paperbacks, magazines, newspapers, and the new medium of TV (and their readers) liked the stories; It justified appropriation of technologies—electron microscopes, sewage technologies, and rocketry were some of the products harvested from Germany. I don't know whether this group has much substantial existence. The only "evidence" for a general massacre occurs in the Talmudic literature (including in this context the Midrash Rabbah) which for reasons unknown comments extensively on the siege of Bethar and its supposed aftermath. He was promoted to the official rank of a Regierungsassessor and, at his own request, re-assumed his post at the Munich Police Department in 1917. Fleming of the two-volume, Merchant seamen: this is a blurb from the, Felderer, Faurisson, Irving, Rassinier, Zündel etc: the information here comes almost entirely from Internet sources, both pro- and against. This sort of thing (see box), Here's my quite long and detailed new-in-October-2103, My impression is that sites looking at general Jewish influence have multiplied: here's, Anti-revisionism, plus taxpayers' money, plus unemployment, has encouraged the proliferation of irrational propagandist websites. This is now out of fashion—perhaps because more people have been burnt alive in the twentieth century than in the entire medieval period. John of Frickley & Burghwallis Anne: Birth: ABT 1480 in Burghwallis Hall, South Yorkshire, England. Walter Funk, Hjalmar Schacht. Notably, he had no authority over the police; in Germany law enforcement has traditionally been a state and local matter. 1997 Tony Blair elected Prime Minister. He had been nominated by the National Socialist Freedom Movement, an electoral list of the far-right German Völkisch Freedom Party and then banned Nazi Party. Note the Churchill imagery, intended of course as a vote-catcher; there are still many Britons who still think Churchill was a great leader, just as many simpler Americans think genocide in Vietnam was to their credit. Unknown Artist - 25 All Time Family Favorites (LP, Comp) Label: All Disc Cat#: ADS-1 Media Condition: Media: Mint (M) Sleeve Condition: Sleeve: Very Good Plus (VG+) SEALED! Stäglich: Auschwitz: a Judge Looks at the Evidence. This practice fell out of use with the introduction of DDT, which was regarded as a great scientific breakthrough alongside penicillin, but which, like hydrocarbon-based plastics and most synthetic fibres, simply didn’t exist in any quantity before the Second World War. Military revisionism is a subject even more uncertain than others. 1997-2001 'Jack Straw' (name presumably to pretend to be an English radical; his real Jewish name uncertain) was eased into politics via the NUS (National Union of Students) at the time of the Vietnam War. This is what many in the ‘Free Vanunu’ campaign maintain. Uncover value in your content with classification, visibility, and automation. He was instrumental in formulating laws that consolidated the Nazi regime (Gleichschaltung), as well as laws that defined the Nazi racial policy, most notoriously the Nuremberg Laws. Some are on this site. As a result the Turks cancelled a contract with France, I think for arms. On Bletchley Park decoding centre. I found from people at Surrey University that Gerald Fleming, though described as a historian, in fact wasn’t trained as one, but was a German teacher, who then worked at Surrey University, starting in the audio-visual department, presumably working with slides and films, without being qualified. Bollyn says nothing about Jewish war aims, presumably basically to control money, and control legal rights such as shares, land rents etc., and reduce non-Jew populations. 2012 London Mayoral elections, the Mayor being a recently-invented post. Hitler was a "bwootal tyrant.. woofless aggressors.. his crimes of genocide and aggression continue to appal.. Wemember that this is the man that polled more votes than.. any other German leader.. his thought was depraved and vicious.. the greatest propagandist of the century.. a social Darwinist.. war the most natural of human activities.." None of this was backed by evidence. Frick was also accused of being one of the highest persons responsible for the existence of the concentration camps. Bradley Smith of CODOH working, with others, throughout the entire period outlined above, for truth about 'Holocaust' frauds Hans Frank blev født i Karlsruhe som søn af en advokat. I'd guess despite huge incentives and advertising in Asia and Africa, not many immigrants trusted politicians. 2012 - Fifteen Years Later The marriage ended in an ugly divorce in 1934. The Romans broke into the fortress and Bar-Kokhba was killed in that final battle. Kun Saksan ammattiliitot oli virallisesti lakkautettu 2. toukokuuta 1933, muodostettiin suojelukomiteasta 10. toukokuuta 1933 Saksan työrintama, Deutsche Arbeitsfront … His analytical technique—he spoke of  'the test', while Leuchter specifically said there were 'several types of test'—involved concentrated sulphuric acid and a red coloration, developed in a flask. Together with Reichstag President Hermann Göring, he was one of only two Nazi Reichsministers in the original Hitler Cabinet, and the only one who actually had a portfolio; Göring served as minister without portfolio until 5 May. Leon Greenman, who seems to have made something of a career as a Birkenau/ Auschwitz/ Monowitz survivor, had an exhibition in the Jewish Museum, in London N3, around 1997, which may still be there. So does the Jewish promotion of coloured invasion of white countries. Hence we don't know which version this is but it is the one where the front and back covers are identical. Adolf Hitler at the tenth anniversary of the Nazi Party in Weimar, 1936. [Back to start of 'Free Speech, Internet, & Holocaust Revisionism']. [6] He was responsible for drafting many of the Gleichschaltung laws that consolidated the Nazi regime. And in my opinion from 1917 until the Berlin wall came down and still today it is the prime objective of any of the governments representing capitalist societies or believing in capitalist ideas to destroy all forms of socialism, and a readiness to use fascism for that purpose.”, What seems to be a similar view to Hitler was expressed by Stalin—Isaac Deutscher’s biography: ‘Yet while Hitler’s armies were advancing, the Soviet authorities did their best to evacuate the Jews from the threatened areas, even though in some towns—.. Taganrog ..—the Jews, disbelieving the warnings.. refused to budge. No. Propaganda includes 'holocaust memorials'—concrete slabs, ugly war museums with fake content, compulsory school trips, movies, 'news' sources. That page links to very good articles on Jews in UK from 2005-2009 by O'Farrell. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The Poles and the Russians liked it, partly because it made Stalin look better; Dispassionate and truthful discussion of Jewish roles in wars and atrocities was made difficult (read for example. Höss's trancelike testimony was responsible for journalists not abandoning Nuremberg as a bore after some weeks. On Kazakhstan: it occurs to me that proponents of a home for Jews might with a slight historical twist have selected Kazakhstan rather than Israel. • Possible Underestimated Effects of Internet The Frick children were born in Pittsburgh and were raised at Clayton. Like many Jews, a supporter of the mass murderer Stalin. J-P Kramer is always linked with Nyszli and Auschwitz. Leuchter's complete list, as shown in the film, is: no explosion proof area, no leakproof area, no method for heating pellets to evaporate hydrogen cyanide, no pipes, no fan ventilation, and no sealant. However, he remained in the cabinet as a Reichsminister without portfolio. The Carlton Main Frickley Colliery principal cornet star is one of the most requested performers on the USA based 'All Brass Radio' broadcast show - so little wonder presenter Dr Jim Fox wanted to find out more about the secret to her success... Alex Mortimer — The 'musical navvie' who became a brass band genius . Wilhelm Frick (12 March 1877 – 16 October 1946) was a prominent German politician of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), who served as Reich Minister of the Interior in Adolf Hitler's cabinet from 1933 to 1943 and as the last governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia … If you would like to register your preferences, use the Contact Form or, when purchasing programmes, the Checkout - Stage 3 page. There was no mention of the control sample taken by Leuchter from a room (I think of red brick) known to have been used for killing lice by gas, which showed high levels of cyanide. For the connoisseur, here's some information on, This talk coincided with the start of ten years of. We will then contact you if new programmes relating to your club or clubs of interest are added to our stock. Frick was born in the Palatinate municipality of Alsenz, then part of the Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany, the last of four children of Protestant teacher Wilhelm Frick sen. (d. 1918) and his wife Henriette (née Schmidt). It has … [4] He would continue to be elected to the Reichstag in every subsequent election in the Weimar and Nazi regimes. Staeglich wrote that Baer had refused to say that gas chambers existed. Photos, with Captions, c. 2012. Glossop North End Association Football Club is a football club in Glossop, Derbyshire, England.Formerly members of the Football League, they currently play in the Northern Premier League Division One South East and are members of the Derbyshire County Football Association.Their home ground is Surrey Street, currently known as the Amdec Forklift Stadium, which has a capacity of 1,350 (209 seated, 1,141 … Their view is that the massacre at Babi Yar, a ravine near Kiev, as reported e.g. Besides Hitler, he and Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk were the only members of the Third Reich's cabinet to serve continuously from Hitler's appointment as Chancellor until his death. Chief of Police Ernst Pöhner introduced him to Adolf Hitler, whom he helped willingly with obtaining permissions to hold political rallies and demonstrations. There he joined the pan-Germanic and occult Thule Society. Leon Greenman was at 'Keep the Media Nazi Free', a 1994 meeting in London with Paul Foot, Tony Benn, Victoria Brittain, John Pilger and others, which I recorded with permission. Not because it was a bad harvest; no, it was a good harvest that year. I think Faurisson compiled a sort of family tree listing all the contributors to what he regards as the whole fabrication. [15] Frick was convicted of planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and for his role in formulating the Enabling Act as Minister of the Interior and the Nuremberg Laws – under these laws people were deported to concentration camps, and many of those were murdered there. [8], Frick was sentenced to death on 1 October 1946, and was hanged at Nuremberg Prison on 16 October. Tidligt liv. He was a 'Labour' MP in a safe, working-class constituency, which he helped flood with immigrants. Jenk Acar from Spalding United to Frickley Athletic Brad McGowan from Grantham Town to Frickley Athletic Leon Howarth from Handsworth FC to Gainsborough Trinity Nicholas Walker from Boston United to Gainsborough Trinity George Willis from Boston United to Gainsborough Trinity Jack O'Leary from Stalybridge Celtic to Glossop North End Alexander Rosenberg from Taby FK (Sweden) to Glossop … Quote at chapter start from a book by Ian Kershaw on Nazism ‘scarcely capable of rational analysis’ reflects a common attitude. 2000 Andrew Neather wrote (in 2009) that the so-called Labour Party secretly decided to open Britain to third world immigration. He was appointed a Bezirksamtassessor in Pirmasens in 1907 and became acting district executive in 1914. HAKA 82/3 Luton £2, HALESOWEN 87/8 Wolves £2, HAMBURG 61/2 Penarol £10, 62/3 Hungarian Select £6, 98/9 Fulham £2, HAMILTON 72/3 Rosenberg £4, 75/6 Bristol R £2, 77/8 York £2, 83/4 Bristol R £2, 88/9 Carlisle £2, 92/3 Hearts/Rangers £3, 01/2 Sunderland £3, HAM-KAM 81/2 Watford £2, HAMPTON 93/4 Brentford £2, 96/7 C.Palace (Cheshire Test) £2, HAMRUN (MALTA) 85/6 Rangers £3, HARLOW … Big mistake— Israeli snipers recorded killing American soldiers in Iraq to keep the war boiling I was fascinated to see the chemist James Roth, of a Massachusetts lab, who looked to me just like a well-known person, minus moustache. On cyanide: Britain's Hydrogen Cyanide (Fumigation) Act was passed in 1937, shortly before the Second World War; after the war, cyanide was still used as an insecticide in glasshouses by, for example, rose growers; in the UK it was packaged in small lead containers, I would guess holding (say) sodium cyanide and an acid which would be mixed to generate the gas. Hence the secret policy described by Andrew Neather. It's becoming better known that thugs and screamers and poster holders are rented. Since the samples seemed to have been taken from plaster and concrete, the test seemed inappropriate; no wonder they found nothing. Jews and scientifically updated versions of poisoning of wells are noted. It was closed in 1933. He supports increased property and other taxes to pay for immigration, dumbed-down education, and helped London to become unsustainably violent and dangerous. Arab world press: I have to confess this statement is from a Penguin book. Now the American movie makers are to rewrite the history of Colditz as well. Similarly there seem to be no. Big mistake in 2010 by the Jewish media: Barbara Lerner Spectre was filmed in Sweden boasting Jews would force immigration into European countries. [10] For example, in 1933 he tried to restrict the widespread use of "protective custody" orders that were used to send people to concentration camps, only to be begged off by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. As with Roman Catholics, superstitious blacks are now their majority membership. New York Times: I’m not of course intending to imply the New York Times is a reliable source. Awareness of the Jewish world-wide spread—its variation on the entire plan of a state—its uniqueness and hidden nature, has increased. absurd anti-white promotions! Such cases mean we must assume Nuremberg was almost entirely, On the little-known Bengal famine, I quote Ray Challinor: “Two to three million were starved in India in 1942. The French passed a little-noticed law in mid-1998 making denial of the Armenian massacre by Turks—which the Turks apparently themselves deny—an offence. On the contrary; for example, the British education system has a 'National Curriculum' in which 'the holocaust' is a part. On Murdoch as a Jew liar, and Jews and 9/11, the best writer seems to be Christopher Bollyn whose work is often repeated and quoted online. Good examples are Talmudic teachings, with their remarkable-seeming viciousness, secrecy, and absurdity.