Notice that we’re using a template literal and some embedded expressions to first create the question div and then create the answer div. for 1000, Alex. Add your company logo and tweak questions and answer options to create your own customized quiz. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. They’re a great way of learning about new subjects, and they allow you to engage your audience with something fun and playful. We are going to be working on a page that will ultimately contain an interactive quiz. Once you know the basics, feel free to adapt and play around with it. This is a standard JavaScript ‘extension’ widely used by developers to make JavaScript more powerful. This is the file we will use to control the quiz interactivity. innerHTML = quiz [ currentQuestion]["choices"][ i]; While we're at it, we'll use the quiz content to refresh your memory on some JavaScript concepts. Also, you can take test by clicking on the ‘take test’ button. If you need t… It teaches you how to deal with events, manipulate the DOM, handle user input, give feedback to the user and keep track of their score (for example, using client-side storage). on CodePen. [5]. The multiple choice test template is available here to help teachers and professors while preparing multiple choice test for next semester. ES6 JavaScript Features - Arrow Functions, the Spread Operator, Const and Let, Template Literals. Please note, however, that the structure of your code is important. Created by our Global Community of independent Web Developers. The second