Thanks for the great work you’ve done. I can’t believe that Asus won’t update their support section and I would find drivers for my Asus laptops on this old article that has been updated. After upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709 I had no more gesture support on my ASUS X302UJ. Does anyone know if I must do this after every update? Install the Instant On utility listed on the Other drivers section. Thanks for your great job. Also, I wanted to inform u that latest versions of Realtek Ethernet Controller Drivers are available directly from the Realtek website. Mark, I looked at the support page for K72JK and many of the drivers are listed in the post. The driver however is one from windows 8.1 and it crashes frequently. One thing, it has a “Bang & Olufsen ICEpower” sound bar integrated. Once I got the drivers from your site installed (in the correct order), I ran MyASUS, which corrected the last bit of error in the ScreenPad. I installed the latest ATK and all my function keys work great except for F3 and F4 to turn on the the keyboard light. Thanks for your good work here regarding many updates for many users and their pc/laptop! Just check which vendor do you have before installing. I have an ASUS K73SV, half of which didn’t work anymore since I installed W10, but I managed to make most of it work thanks to your site. It’s very helpful, what I need for my asus I find it here. I looked for previous driver and it works fine but the latest one has problems. Hope that fixs your problem. Alternatively, you can use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant. I put it on an USB stick and rebooted into the bios. Under “Model”, should appear your installed version or model “Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad” They repeated that they felt 10 was not supported as they would have updated the drivers. Other keys work, but not brightness. You need to know which Intel chipset you have before downloading. You will have to manually search drivers like the ATI Graphics Driver. Many people can’t get their subwoofer to work because of this issue. Tüm isimler ve ticari markalar bunların sahiplerine ait.. It does not detect the usb devices if they are not connected at boot time. You have done an excellent job. But now I have some Internet dropping connection. I hope this solve my problems with Asus UX32VD, Hey Ivan, I would really be happy if you could help me. Had the same problem and finally replaced my standard PS/2 keyboard with backlit, found out the connecting cable was upside down (there are 2 conn cables) and it’s now working like a charm on my Asus G73JH. I did some research about error Code 43 with NVIDIA and for ASUS laptops (and Dell too) the solution is to reinstall/update the BIOS. My ZenBook and I greatly appreciate your site! Only driver that was not here was the card driver for ASUS M50SA, it is a Ricoh R5C833. How do I identify my chipset to check the driver version? So it might be that this driver does not differ for chipsets at all and always accepts the latest version. Armoury Crate is your one-stop app to connect, configure and control a plethora of ROG gaming products. Would anyone have any kind of solution? When I copy the ASF3GUI folder to your driver, it works! I added the Fresco USB 3.0 driver from ASUS for Win8 and the latest one from Fresco Logic in the Other drivers section. How do I check my chipset vendor? Hi there, After upgrade to Windows 10, my laptop when return from sleep mode display turned on in 10 seconds, in windows 8.1 = 2 seconds. Check the LAN / Ethernet vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. ), because BIOS v206 was not working well with Win10 (backlight control, bootup speed). If I put it to sleep when the software is not working, it will wake with keyboard light on, but still no control over it. This all happened a few weeks ago when Win 10 updated itself. Very good! Here is the weirdest part…. This is the best! It has been 5 days now. Thank you for all your effort. I have Ivy Bridge, but you don’t share link for it . I had a problem with my LAN on ASUS ROG Strix SCAR Edition, latest updated driver fixed the speed failure from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, as it should have been out of the box. It has a “code 10” error state: “This device cannot start”. Found this site as first result in search, installed the gestures package, rebooted, and it’s all good again. Also, if you run the utility again after updating and it shows you the same Installed and Latest versions, do not reinstall since you will enter in an infinite loop. I have an Asus VivoTab Note 8 (tablet). I love this website. Can somebody help on this matter? Check the Graphics vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. I had ATK package 1.0.0060 installed so I went back to the old Intel driver. Then, download and install the corresponding driver. Add ROG Aura Core (Basic Effects), Lighting Service and Core Component. Even with driver booster app. The Asus Driver and Tools support page has no Windows 10 OS selection for my four year old system. ASUS Live Update never worked, at least for me. The solution to my problems with random BSOD is simply to reflash BIOS with latest version (going inside BIOS and reset to default won’t help, reflash is needed). Wow what a fantastic website! Keep up the great work!! If for some reason you need to downgrade the BIOS, you need to run the application with the /nodate parameter. Hard to say, I posted the Hotfix as soon as they released it. Uncheck the option “Show compatible hardware” So, if the driver file name contains words like, ASUS does not provide camera drivers for most of the models since the built-in camera can work well with Microsoft inbox driver (. We do not cover any losses spend by its installation. thank you very much… my GL551JX ROG gets hot and shuts down when gaming using hdmi LCD with the screen closed on the laptop. Hi Ivan, new Realtek HD Audio drivers from ASUS v6.0.1.8073 & v6.0.1.8096. In the Device Manager, it is only visible when I click “Show hidden devices” on the View menu. Many thanks and success. Any idea why when I close the lid and reopen, it restarts (Not hibernate or sleep)? It’s really inspiring to see it dedications towards making the latest drivers easily accessible to us. I had a problem with my SmartGesture, and downloading ATK + SmartGesture from you link fixed that! Downloading files from means you are informed about it and agree to, ArmouryCrateService &­ ROGLiveService UpdatePackage, Add ASUS S7CM System Control Interface V1(Driver) to your drivers list, Download ASUS S7CM Armoury Crate Service v.2.6.5 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ArmouryCrate.Xtu Troubleshooting v.6.51.371.0 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ROG Live Service pack v. driver, Download ASUS S7CM ArmouryCrateService &­ ROGLiveService UpdatePackage v.2.3.5 driver, Download ASUS S7CM ROGLiveServicePackage v. driver, Download ASUS S7CM Realtek Audio Driver v., Download ASUS S7CM Intel Graphics Driver v., Download ASUS S7CM Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver v., Download ASUS S7CM ROGLiveService pack v. driver. Those two drivers are not included in the support page for your model, so I’m guessing you don’t need them. Each time it freezes I see the following Event Id 7000 in the Event Viewer after rebooting: “The ASMMAP64 service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the path specified.”. I just added ASUS Sonic Suite 2.4.13 in the ROG section. I had a BSOD when I downloaded a torrent file directly to my SSD, but I was using the latest Broadcom driver 7.35.340.0. I refurbish a lot of tablets and notebooks as well. Other questions: Total Driver Versions: 3. Great work, thanks a lot. Fantastic site and information. You saved the day here for Multimedia keys and Card Reader. I used the info you posted to fix my 2 finger scroll and it worked. if it is ASUS2018, install ASUS System Control Interface V2 . ASUS service is really screwed up. Thank you very much for your effort. Açıklama: System Control Interface V1(Driver) for ASUS S7CM ASUS System Control Interface provide optimization of MyASUS. No unfortunately not. I had already called the ASUS technical support team, they sent a guy to check the issue and he said that the motherboard needs to be replaced. Thanks for the quick explanation, Ivan =D Searching online has been such a hassle until I found your website. Thank you so much for this website. You just made our day! Finally have my hkeys back after 1 year, This is fantastic! Bluetooth Driver – Intel 18.1.1525.1445 Hope this will solve your issue as well. John, thanks for sharing that! Have you tried an older driver version? my keyboard worked again.. thx! Try doing a Google search for some of them and surely you’ll end up with results mentioning the brand name of your bluetooth device. You can now buy a couple of cups of coffee . Keep it up. Your collection of drivers is more up to date than ASUS. I also got some additional features by upgrading the Realtek audio drivers. and thanks for reporting how you solved the ScreenPad touchpad issues. One turns off/on the blue led under the screen, one is for overclocking and one is to change the screen to vivid or movie etc. I have returned to Windows 7 via the recovery and two days in, not one lock up. Enjoy the beer! This site looks more comprehensive than the official site! Dan, thank you very much for your donation! To avoid losing ASUS customized gestures due to compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10, please update ASUS Smart Gesture to v4.0.5 or above. I know the drivers can be uninstalled manually but it is beyond my technical knowledge. Maybe you can advise people who couldn’t download it to do this. Or the one available here: Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver? Installed latest bios and drivers. I did all you said with the wireless problem but either I did something wrong or my laptop didn’t find it a good solution . Never seen dedicated work like this on your website. For example, when I want to further reduce the brightness by holding the fn key and pressing the f5 key for second, third or fourth time, the command won’t work. Extract the content to a folder. thank you. Thanks for the feedback! I was stuck on my T300LA with the 2 fingers scrolling not working and I install the version for win 8.1 as you said. I was about to switch back to windows 8 until you taught me how to do the changes. Download ASUS Control Panel for Windows 10 for Windows to aSUS Control Panel is the Device App that user can change the TouchPad and Microphone setting easily. Are these already included in the list here? , Hello, I have a problem with driver for camera model K52JC. I have latest drivers installed. I really appreciate your work Ivan, so much helpful. This finally worked. Now when I press Fn+F2, I get 2 icons (Wifi+Bluetooth) that allow me to start/stop Wifi/Bluetooth and Led Wireless lit on/off in parallel. The drivers which are loaded are “acpials.sys”, “SensorsAlsDriver.dll” and “WUDFRd.sys”. Thanks a lot. Thank you very much, got my X7BSV (N73SV) fully working with Windows 10 now! In the Device Manager double click the unknown device, click on the ‘Details’ tab, and check for the hardware ids. This saved me a lot of time doing a routine update. Solved all my problems. Thanks a lot. Odd thing is it worked, and it did up the voltage on the nodes, thus increasing sensitivity. Mirco, as a last resort, you could try calling ASUS support. I tried that on a Realtek and works fine, so it must be an issue of the Conexant driver. Save this link to go directly to the changelog. I tried to check which was the GPU in use, but the Nvidia’s GPU detector couldn’t find anything. ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) is a commercial program designed to provide stable, reliable motherboards and mini PCs for businesses of all sizes. Hi Peter Also, reset BIOS settings to default values and disable any CPU overclock. The Sonic Studio software I have was found in the eSupport folder on the hard drive of my G752VS OC Edition. Try to reinstall or update to the latest BIOS version. I really thank you for your help doing this… But I’m really upset because my UX32VD (with SSD) is suffering bottleneck and memory problems since Windows 10. Stef, as I mention in the post, drivers included in the list are for Notebooks or Laptops. Its helped me out considerably. ASUS System Control Interface - Driver Download * Vendor: ASUS * Product: ASUS System Control Interface * Hardware Class: System . For your case, I recommend you to use the Intel Driver Update Utility or just leave it to Windows Update. Thanks for your website! 3. ASUS Support Center helps you to downloads Drivers, Manuals, Firmware, Software; find FAQ and Troubleshooting You need to run WinFlash with the /nodate parameter. Is there any disk drivers or bios updates that I should consider? If possible, please post the latest version of the distribution. Is there a place where step by step directions can be found?