All relevant information as well as translations of the official announcements into other languages can be found on the coronavirus website of the Free State of Saxony. It is currently not possible to assess whether currently planned stays abroad at partner universities in the near future can be started regularly, as the situation and protective regulations regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) are also constantly changing in other countries. If the test result is positive, attendance at the university is still not possible. anyone who want to be tested can do so in the given times. In addition, forms with the contact details of those present must be kept by the participants, so that contact chains can be traced if necessary. We therefore ask you to always check the homepage of Chemnitz University of Technology and this FAQ page of the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU). Which processes remain in the current operation? Employees of the respective section who themselves take part in the study as participants (or test supervisors) are still included in the total number of employees working in the organisational section. The post office at Reichenhainer Straße 70 is open daily from 10.00 to 10.30 a.m. Erfenschlag will be covered in the first tour. Regulation for the period of New Year's stand-by operation: In the period from 2 to 10 January 2021, no introductory lectures on site may be held. Rückkehr zur digitalen Lehre. As a component of the learning platform OPAL ONYX is directly available as course element in the course editor. Anträge und andere Formulare für die Beantragung sozialer Leistungen können im Internet heruntergeladen werden. According to the company medical service, the candidate is not obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover during the defence if the required minimum distance is maintained. Provided that the prerequisites for mobile work are generally met (see also Works Agreement Mobile Work; German only) and there are problems regarding telephone and/or Internet connection, a mobile connection may be provided for a limited period of time for the period of mobile work. The voting system is currently being transferred from the test system to the production system. However, it is still a broadcast-oriented system, i.e. However, the underlying testing may not have been carried out before 5 days after entry into Germany. Aktuelles Update: 10.11.2017 I have applied for MNS in TUC. Opening hours between Christmas and New Year: There are no separate times on site for patients with symptoms or patients without symptoms, i.e. Furthermore, the ZfSG provides various digital offers on its websites. Since 25 March 2020, parcel/mail acceptance and distribution has been handled as follows: Individual arrangements for the collection of mail by the different branches are possible within the opening hours. The basis for the central examination period was the strict adherence to the hygiene concept for written exams (version 1.3, September 17, 2020). How can I realise post-exam reviews at the moment? The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has issued a decree that BAföG recipients should not suffer any disadvantages from the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to effectively contain the virus, there are therefore recommendations to extend the period of time within which new infections occur. Many degree programs do not conclude with the final paper but with its defense (also: colloquium, debate etc.). For primary schools, after-school care centres and secondary schools, however, the restricted regular operation continued until the summer holidays. What are the technical requirements for digital courses? If you are currently in your home country and have not yet picked up your certificate, it may be necessary for you to apply for a new visa. However, it should be noted that this new legal regulation merely extends the legal framework for setting time limits for qualifications in accordance with § 2 para. Consequently, business trips will only be possible as an exception requiring special justification and should be reduced to an absolute minimum. According to the Twelfth Open Letter from the President regarding the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) from 12 December 2020 there will no longer be any on-site work at Chemnitz University of Technology on 23 December 2020. anyone who want to be tested can do so in the following times: It is also possible to have a test done by your GP. We recommend that you test the chosen alternative in advance with, for example, student assistants, employees or advanced students. It is possible to create virtual conference rooms individually and to provide them with password protection in order to realize courses, oral exams, working group meetings etc. This applies regardless of whether the exam is offered in the 2020 summer semester or not. The crisis management team or the rectorate decides on specially justified exceptional cases upon application. Delays in the course of my studies endanger the extension of my visa - what can I do? The Chairmen of the Examination Committees were asked to consider alternative exam types favourably. The DAAD has compiled information for project managers on how to proceed in the current situation with regard to the funding of persons and events and has sent it by e-mail to all project managers. in ESF and EFRE-funded third-party funded projects? This code is generated automatically and cannot be associated with any of the persons entitled to vote. The Student_innenrat (StuRa, Student Council of Chemnitz University of Technology) provides answers to this question on it's website. Unfortunately, this means that all courses for students in the first semester that do not fall into this category can no longer be held in (partial) attendance and only courses that cannot be held digitally (e.g., due to required laboratory or technical equipment) may be held in (partial) attendance. Here you can find a list of the most important links and contact information: We would like to thank everyone who is working on offering teaching online and everyone who is working on improving the infrastructure and support for this. for people seeking help with very urgent acute stress and psychological crises. Learning Crystallographic Texture Analysis with MTEX The workshop extends over two weeks and is part of the Master Course Introduction into the crystallographic texture analysis and counts for 4 ETCS points. The electronic services are available as usual. The development of the current situation is very dynamic. All parcels are accepted at Straße der Nationen and from there they are forwarded by DATA Kurier to Reichenhainer Straße 70 (Post Office). To do so, click on the button “Record Slide Show” in the ribbon “Slide Show”. If you are travelling from a risk area, please note the question "What do I have to do if I am travelling from a risk area? regarding building access or similar) to the Crisis Management Team or University Management is not necessary. Notes on room booking/renting rooms for events: Due to the necessary measures with regard to the corona virus, the possibilities of using rooms at Chemnitz University of Technology are currently very limited. General information on how to participate in courses using the BigBlueButton videoconferencing system is published on the website of the University Computing Centre. The deadlines of all papers registered from 11 March and before the end of stand-by operation are only counted from 11 May. corona Anlässlich der durch das Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) eingetretenen Situation hat die TU Chemnitz einen Krisenstab eingerichtet, um alle notwendigen Maßnahmen zu definieren und zu initiieren. via the deans' offices, central institutions, and departments by 21 December 2020. The primary goal of Chemnitz University of Technology is to protect the health of all employees, members, students and guests of the university. Select the desktop in the “Capture mode” field and select 12 f/s if you want to use the desired frame rate. : X R 32/11). Das Studentenwerk Chemnitz-Zwickau ist ein moderner, hochschulübergreifender Dienstleister und sorgt für die soziale, wirtschaftliche, gesundheitliche und kulturelle Betreuung von über 15.000 Studierenden. Euer Studentenausweis ist seit dem letzten Wintersemester nicht nur für die Universitätsbibliothek TU Chemnitz, die Mensa und den Nahverkehr gut, sondern gewährt euch freien Eintritt zu einem Großteil der Chemnitzer Kulturszene.️ ️ . It is possible to create virtual rooms individually and to provide them with password protection for specific publics or partial publics in order to realize committee meetings via video conferencing. TU Chemnitz 25.01.2021 25 Jan Transdisziplinärer Dialog Mensch-Technik und KI Der Umgang mit den gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen im Bereich … TU Chemnitz 16.03.2021 16 Mär 3. Die Corona-Ambulanz der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung befindet sich mit zusätzlichem Personal und erweiterten Räumen in der Hermann-Pöge-Straße 6, 09120 Chemnitz, im ehemaligen Praktiker-Baumarkt. If individual applicants do not give their consent, the selection or filling of the position cannot be postponed any further for operational reasons or if a realisation in presence is considered mandatory, interviews can in principle be held on site up to a maximum of five participants. Es ist Partner der Studierenden der Technischen Universität Chemnitz und der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau (FH). A separate application (e.g. In this case, the preparation and execution of the studies in attendance can take place independently at the respective faculty after the special hygiene concepts have been approved by the company medical service. yes/no/abstention). Die Studierenden und Mitarbeiter fürchteten eine Preiserhöhung. ), with the exception of the person giving the lecture and in addition to maintaining the minimum distance of 1.5 metres, a mouth-nose cover is mandatory. The Human Resources Department makes every effort to realize all legally possible further employment. This means for examiners: You may deviate from the forms of examination specified in the module descriptions. If you have any questions, you can also contact the Foreigners Registration Office via e-mail – describe your request in detail and expect a longer response time due to the current situation: You must be reachable for any queries. They are in officially ordered quarantine. Is there currently a face-to-face student advisory service at Chemnitz University of Technology? Regulation for the period of New Year's stand-by operation: In the period from 2 to 10 January 2021, no doctoral defences on site may be held. All persons who have to or want to be tested in Chemnitz should contact their general practitioner or go to the test ambulance of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen without making an appointment in advance. You can find more information on the contact page of the ZPA. How can I make screen recordings (screencasts)? If you cannot access your previously prepared time sheet while working mobile, please enter your working time in a new form (Download from the website of the Human Resources Department). Information on the decentralized handling of invoices during the corona crisis are provided on the website of the Department of Budget and Economy. If necessary, these can be obtained from the postal office at Straße der Nationen 62. If you now save the file again, it will require considerably less disk space. Students can cancel examinations - also in case of third attempt - immediately and without giving reasons until the resumption of regular teaching activities. This will allow all participants to familiarize themselves with the tool and you will avoid unnecessary delays. For secret votes, this e-mail also contains a secret voting code. If business trips are to be taken outside of this regulation, it is possible that the Rectorate may approve exceptions in particularly justified cases. What consequences result for employees from the stand-by operation or the selective and limited presence operation of Chemnitz University of Technology? New: After December 1, 2020, by order of the Federal Ministry of Health, travelers from international risk areas are no longer entitled to a free test within 10 days after entry. Are there special offers of the company medical service IAS for members and employees of Chemnitz University of Technology? Everyone can only vote once. During New Year's stand-by operation, neither on-site courses nor on-site exams (exception: creation of teaching videos of laboratory experiments, etc. In order to enable the TU committees to hold meetings via video conference during selective and limited presence operation, the University Computer Center (URZ) has installed a server cluster for the BigBlueButton videoconferencing system. 5,048 were here. Larger courses such as lectures are available online for first-year students as well. This also applies in particular to the proof of activities in ESF-funded doctoral projects. The compensation is in the amount of the sickness allowance that the public health insurance fund would also pay. Keep your hands away from your face, avoid touching your mouth, eyes, or nose with your hands. Business trips cannot be approved for the period of the New Year's stand-by operation – not even upon separate application to the University Management or the Crisis Management Team. At the Chemnitz University of Technology, only those employees are currently working - sometimes on an hourly or daily basis - who are necessary to maintain the selective and limited presence operation on site. You can find information about study opportunities at TU Chemnitz, The winter semester begins on 1 October 2020 and will be opened on 5 October 2020 with the, Staff Office for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (BfAU), Information and availability for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021, The corona virus hotline +49 371 488-5302 is also staffed over Christmas and New Year. For the exact daytime availability, please refer to the website of the city of Chemnitz. hygiene concept for the implementation of on-site courses, form for the collection of contact data of students participating in on-site courses. At the same time, we know that the campus experience is an integral part of studying and that first-year students in particular want to get to know the university and, in particular, their fellow students. Do I have to call in sick if I am at home during selective and limited presence operation? The basis for this is the strict adherence to the, Furthermore, additional hygiene concepts apply for, For courses, exams and events on site the, For on-site examinations and courses, the, To supplement the shift and occupancy plans, the. In addition to such self-tests, performance checks and even exams can be implemented. You should also manually maintain a list of persons authorized to vote for a session before starting.