Subsonic Music Streamer; TwonkyMedia server runs on Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Android and enables media sharing of local and online media among a large variety of devices. Disk performance would also be limited to the speed of the installed drive with no speed bonuses from Synology… And at the top bar, click 'Go' > 'Connect to Server...'. IT Block is an IT support services provider based in Singapore and we love sharing our IT knowledge with the world. Others can be used as media repositories, with the ability to stream music and photos; for example, you could store your iTunes or Music app library on a NAS. The process is almost the same for all Synology NAS devices. Your Mac will use the IP address as directions to locate your shared drives and folders. A new window will open titled 'Connect to Server'. Two IP addresses mean you have connected both the Ethernet ports at the back of your Synology to your router. A network-attached storage device is a computer with one or more drives designed to store files. Apple’s Time Machine, built into macOS, is another useful backup tool, and many NAS devices can use Time Machine. 3 Drücken Sie die Ein/Aus-Taste, um das Synology NAS einzuschalten. Psyched to get my new Synology NAS set-up yesterday RC helped me get it set-up but honestly, it was a breeze (had I known it would be so simple, I would have done it myself). If you buy a NAS that holds two or more drives (for the most part, NAS devices use hard drives, but you can use SSDs as well, though they are much more expensive), you can set it up in a RAID configuration. Many NAS devices are used to stream video, with software such as Plex, and have processors that can convert video on the fly. Ihr Synology NAS starten 1 Schließen Sie ein Ende des Netzteils an den Netzanschluss des Synology NAS an. And at the top bar, click 'Go' > 'Connect to Server...'. Safari is known to be difficult at times. Available on Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux and Synology NAS platforms. Should You Back Up Your iOS Device to iCloud or Your Mac. Synology ist einer der führenden Anbieter von NAS-Systemen. They either offer their own apps for configuration or you set them up in a web browser. With the purchase of my new Mac Mini I’ve decided it’s a good time to transfer the bulk of my data over to a network attached storage … Think of it as being more like a filing cabinet or bookcase. Your NAS could connect to your Mac via an Ethernet cable, and could be in the same room as your computer; or it could be in any location as long as it can access your network. It can be as small as a single hard drive in an enclosure, or it can be a rack-mounted device with a couple dozen drives or more. Once you have completed the download and installation of your Synology Assistant, launch the software immediately on your Mac computer. You can open the folders of your Synology here, but you can't easily copy and move folders around. Depending on the setup of your NAS in your local environment, you may see one or two IP addresses in your Synology Assistant. Under Win/Mac/NFS tab, enable the NFS by tick the box in front of Enable NFS and click Apply to save the settings. Step 4: Connect to your Synology NAS drive. And some are just used for file sharing and storage. The Synology NAS enables substantial savings. Synology Assistant does allow you to connect to your Synology and if you click on 'Connect' it will open your browser and launch the web portal. Either you have just bought a brand new Synology NAS, or you need to connect a Mac to a Synology NAS you already own. To access your NAS, you mount its volume in the Finder. Connect as a Registered User, not 'Guest'. Compatibility & Installation Here we'll select Connected Synology NAS since we are creating another task for the same Synology NAS. Type your DSM username and password. Then use your uploader to copy that folder to the NAS. I’d recommend turning off AFP on your NAS, if it supports this protocol, and using only SMB; it’s more reliable. Different companies use different methods for this – either via apps or web browsers – and you can use your NAS the same way you would use a cloud storage service, such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. I would like to do the following: Mount the the Synology shared folders onto my QNAP TS-215 as local drives, so that they can be easily seen by Plex as local drives and mounted. For those of you who have a Synology NAS device already set up and ready to connect to; Follow the steps below for your Mac computer. With its large storage capacity, it enables backing up increasingly large files at the lowest cost. It’s a great way to ensure that your Macs are backed up, it can serve media files to your home devices, and you can use it as cloud storage when you’re away. The advantage of using Time Machine is that it can automatically back up your Mac every hour, but if the backup target is not available, your Mac stores snapshots of all your files each hour (if you have enough free space on your computer). You can also reset the NAS back to network defaults as well. Synology offers a very user friendly Network Attached Storage (NAS) device experience, but that doesn’t mean unboxing it and starting it up is exactly a one-click affair. Since I had an IP conflict within my network, I cannot connect my synology DS212 NAS anymore to my mac book pro. Synology does a good job of offering these as a default install when setting up the NAS, and also offers to install the Mac apps that will help you sync your data to the NAS. Drobo and Synology NAS have been around for a few years now and both have an incredible reputation for being user-friendly, for being incredibly intuitive to Mac users and making every effort to keep their NAS product’s footprint in your life as small as possible. If you are unsure if that is your Synology NAS, please start from step 1. Thank you for reading 'Easy way to connect your Synology NAS to your Mac' by IT Block. The main advantage of Time Machine backups is that you can keep them for a long time, if you have a large enough drive – I have Time Machine backups of my main Mac going back to 2017 – but you lose old backups if your disk image becomes corrupted. To set up and manage a NAS, you connect to it over a network. I bought my Synology DS416play over three years ago and it never performed how I wanted it to be until recently. Synology is one of the most popular manufacturers of Network-attached Storage systems. For example, if you use Intego Personal Backup, which is part of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9, select the folder you’ve set up on the NAS for backups, and Personal Backup will automatically back up your files at the frequency you choose to the NAS. This allows extra data protection, and for backups, it’s a good idea to consider using a NAS with RAID. This step involves assigning a Static IP address to your Synology NAS. This allows for synology quickconnect mac integrations. NAS storage is that it is much slower than a hard drive. As with all backups, your first backup will take some time, depending on what you’re backing up, and subsequent backups will only write files that are new or have been changed, so if you are backing up a lot of files, it’s best to run this first backup overnight. And for those of you who also need help setting up your Synology NAS before connecting, please have a look at step two, three and four in this 'Easy way' article we wrote previously by clicking the link below: Easy way to connect your Synology NAS to Windows computer. Double-click the NAS, then enter your user name and password. Any know problema with NAS units for this type of … The strange thing is that I have no issue with connecting with eacht other device to the nas like windows laptop Iphone Ipad. In the tab of Server Address, type your Synology NAS IP address led by http:// and followed by ‘5005’. Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation? It uses little power, and is always on, so you can access it at any time. AFP, or Apple Filing Protocol, has been deprecated, meaning that it still works, but that Apple doesn’t recommend using it. Synology Chat – An alternative to Skype and Whatsapp for the NAS for communication between users for PC/Mac/iOS and Android Synology Moments – An alternative to Google Photos and Facebook for photo collections, facial recognition, deep learning for tagging photo subjects and more Select Advanced setup and follow the rest of the wizard to continue setup. We all know how important it is to back up your Mac. Sign up for a Free Mac Security Newsletter to stay updated. A NAS drive that provides shared storage for everyone on your network is ideal for homes that own multiple Macs and mobile devices. Logging in here will give you access to your Synology Diskstation Manager, or DSM. this article to understand the different types of RAID, How to Prepare Your Mac to Upgrade to macOS Big Sur: the Ultimate Guide. I think in your case though, you should probably look at Mac OS and it’s settings. To set it up for backups, you should encrypt that folder, to make sure your backups are protected. In your Mac computer, choose Finder > Connect to Server. What we need is to access the folder directly, like you would any file or folder on your Mac computer. Here’s why it can be convenient and practical to use a NAS for backups, and as a personal cloud. In the first step, Login to your NAS; Open Control Panel; than, open Network Type in your credentials and check the box 'Remember this password in my keychain'. Assign a Static IP Address to NAS. Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD – CMR 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 5900 RPM 64MB Cache for RAID Network Attached Storage – Frustration Free Packaging (ST4000VNZ008/VN008) 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,915 Step 2: Get your Synology NAS IP address using Synology Assistant. #Synology #DSM #NAS #connect #Mac #IT #support #services #Singapore, Address: 49 Joo Chiat Ln Singapore 428106, Step 1: Download and Install Synology Assistant for Mac. Now click 'Connect'. This window will allow you to connect to your Synology securely. Choose Go > Connect to Server, then click Browse to find your NAS. If you have ever used Synology Assistant on a Windows computer before, you notice the option to 'Map Drive' does not exist. Posted on The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. Apple trained. Now click 'Connect'. Quick Start Guide of Hikvision IP Camera & Synology NAS Connection T M 3 About this Document ... and in the pop-up message box, click File Services. In most cases, you will be able to see your Synology NAS in your finder and clicking on it will immediately give you access to the folders without having to rekey in your credentials. In some work environments, we notice that the NAS drive may not automatically appear in your left-hand finder column, even after mapping it. Launch 'Finder' and look at the left-hand column. A common request I’ve seen among Synology NAS owners, is the ability to run virtual machines directly from their NAS. However, if you’d rather use your Synology NAS that’s connected to your local network, there’s a bit more work to do (but it’s still pretty easy). The disadvantage of using Time Machine on a network device – whether it’s a NAS or a hard drive connected to another computer on your network – is that the software creates a disk image, rather than copying the individual files directly. I have a Synology NAS, and here’s what I see in my browser: When you set up your NAS, you create a user account, just like on your Mac. 2 Verwenden Sie das LAN-Kabel, um das Synology NAS an Ihren Switch, Router oder Hub anzuschließen. Otherwise, skip the fourth step of this tutorial. It’s pretty easy to do when you’re just backing up to an external hard drive that’s connected directly to your computer. While you can use a NAS for many tasks, I’m just going to talk here about backups. 2. You can also use your NAS to access your files remotely. Please note, you will need login credentials for your Synology NAS prepared before you can proceed. Click on the plus '+' icon to save the IP address, should you need to reaccess it in the future. Write down or copy the first IP address somewhere and proceed to Step 3. Go to Cloud Station > Overview and click the Download button. If you can see the name of your Synology on the left-sidebar under 'Shared', then you're in luck. Let’s get things up and running so we can move onto all the fun projects a compact NAS … How to keep older Macs secure: a geeky approach (run Catalina on unsupported Macs), How to Enter and Exit Full Screen Mode and Use Split Screen in macOS, Uncover and Delete Hidden Files Cluttering Your Mac and Save Space, How to switch search engines on macOS and iOS (and why you should), Apple releases iOS 14, watchOS 7 and more with security updates, Fancy Bear, ReVoLTE, and Instagram’s biometric theft – Weekly privacy news, August 21, 2020, Chinese laws, DOJ vs CA, and more – Weekly privacy news, August 14, 2020, U.S. exposes Chinese malware Taidoor – Weekly privacy news, August 7, 2020, Apple HomePod mini Review: Siri in a Compact Speaker, Apple Announces First Macs with Apple Silicon, Apple Announces iPhone 12 and HomePod mini, How to Back Up Your Mac’s Data with Time Machine. To find your Synology NAS in the same local area network as your Mac computer, launch 'Finder'. Select a Synology NAS for your new task. You can now access your files on remote servers through WebDAV. 2.2 For Mac. You can use an online backup service if you have the bandwidth, but a practical way to back up your Mac locally is to use a NAS: a network-attached storage device. Access NAS over Ethernet using Synology Assistant. August 11th, 2020 by Zentralisieren Sie Speicherung und Sicherung von Daten, vereinfachen Sie das gemeinsame Bearbeiten von Dateien, optimieren Sie die Videoverwaltung und sichern Sie Ihr Netzwerk für das effiziente Datenmanagement. Hi, I will buy a NAS unit “Synology DS418”. We will use the software to determine the IP address of your Synology NAS, allowing us to Map the drive and paste shortcuts to them on your desktop too if you wish. It’s easy to connect an external hard drive to your Mac to back it up, but if you use a laptop, you might forget to do this regularly. You could put a NAS in an out-of-the-way location such as a closet, for example, as long as it can connect to your local network. NAS devices today are relatively user friendly. To find your Synology NAS in the same local area network as your Mac computer, launch 'Finder'. You’ll see any folders that you have set up, and that are accessible to your user account, along with folders the NAS’s software created. 3. It’s primary role is STORAGE and sharing with other computer. Here are the 6 best NAS drives for Mac owners You might find that a NAS is the computer that you didn’t realize you need. Click Next. If you are a Mac user, you can connect WebDAV with Synology NAS through this finder. Whichever the case, we are here to help. What sets a NAS apart from a small computer such as a Mac mini is the fact that it doesn’t need a display; in fact, NAS devices don’t have video cards, so you can’t connect a display to it. Double-click a folder to mount it and access its files. As the Mac Mini is a single drive system you are not going to have the same level of disk drive options as a commercial NAS or even a home brew system would have. That app might copy the library to the NAS but it's designed for image files in folders and not a Photos or iPhoto library. Apple Certified. Assign a static IP address to Mac or Windows PC 3. You’ll see any folders that you have set up, and that are accessible to your user account, along with folders the NAS’s software created. It’s useful to think of a NAS as a hard drive with an operating system, which allows you to create user accounts copy and manage files, and more. We sell and support Synology NAS devices and Ubiquiti network products. I am running a Synology DS218+ at home so I decide this would be the best option for me. Now a window will open with all the folders in your Synology NAS drive you have the rights to access to. Try using Firefox instead. However, your NAS has to always be on, and your home or office, where the NAS is located, has to have internet access; if you lose power, or if your internet access goes down, you will no longer be able to access files on the device.