For businesses where average margins are 50% or less, a discount rate between 5%–10% will typically suffice. You can display bundles in numerous languages to reach a wider audience. “We’ve found that customers who order more than one flavor within their first purchase are far more loyal,” said Helena Price Hambrecht, co-founder of Haus. This can be done with any of the amazing Shopify product bundle apps. Any product can be used within multiple bundles and you can have bundle options advertised on any product page. You also need to ensure that the value of the bundle is better than the customer purchasing them individually. Retailers increasing their sales and AOVs thanks to product bundling include: So how does bundling items increase sales? Nick here from Shopify. Your email address will not be published. Here are 8 best product bundles apps you should use, free or paid, based on hundreds of recommendations. Click on it. Creating Product Bundles for Shopify: A simpler approach. Bundler is a free app that allows you to group products together with a discount. Customise the look of your product bundles with unique images and more. This is probably one of the most versatile of the bundles mentioned in this article. A pop up window will appear and there you can choose other products that belong to that bundle. Now let’s look at some actionable tactics around product bundling you can put to use right away. Sell more with product bundles and gift boxes. For example, set up a "formal cloth" bundle, In this bundle, if the customer buys paint, shirt, and shoes together customer will get X% off on each of the bundle items. Because it helps increase the perceived value of products in the eyes of your customer. Or you can set rules that determine the discount based on a set of criteria that you’ve established that are automatically applied at the checkout of your store. The brand saw a 20% increase in AOV for orders that included product bundles like sets, capsules, or bundles versus those that didn’t (excluding sale-only orders). Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) promotions are a customer favorite when it comes to types of product bundling. Encouraging shoppers to purchase more items typically leads to a higher transaction amount, which is an efficient way to boost revenue. Create bundle prices that aren’t related to the price of the products within the bundle. Yes. To calculate the bundle price, you first need to know your gross margin on each product in the bundle. Every knows that Amazon has an amazing ‘frequently bought together’ system that allows them to improve order values and increase revenues. Many brick-and-mortar retailers have begun their own subscription box services. Subscriptions. Other retailers, like women’s intimates company Lively, have also found that price isn’t always the deciding factor when shoppers are making purchasing decisions. Product bundling provides many benefits to a retailer as well as the consumer. Selling bundled products is a great way to increase sales and improve order value. Bundles is a great option if you want to start selling multiple products to your customers and increase sales for your store. However, when sent within the product bundle, customers have the chance to see how much easier lash tweezers make the application process. Some retailers have experimented with a DIY approach to product bundling, allowing shoppers to create their own collection of goods. Have bundles of single or multi-products. It is one of the fundamental reasons why they are so successful. This allows you to be more flexible and grow revenues. Customers can also customize their product bundles with some options, creating their own bundles with a discount that can be applied based on the products within the bundle, the quantity and final value of the order. You don’t have to mix and match customers for a product bundle. A retail store owner could take a similar approach by hosting a build-your-own gift bundle event or allowing in-store associates to help shoppers build their own bundles, with in-store gift wrapping available, too. Bundles are created as their own products, so they are easier to manage. Create bundles and reward customers when they have just half the bundle in. On the top right hand corner you will see the “Bundle” button. They’ve used bundled products to help improve revenues quickly over the year. You don’t pay Shopify for the bundling or products, instead you’re paying the app developer for the use of their app and software. This app allows for setup within minutes and is just as easy to maintain. But as with most other sales tactics, there’s an art to bundling products successfully. If any customer attempts to remove an item included in the bundle, then the discount is removed. So, which apps for bundled products do we recommend? Retail store owners will want to clearly display signage near their bundled or bundle-able products so customers recognize the deal, too. Most of us already have the correct charger at home. It could be worth reaching out to the developers of the Advanced Bundle Products ( app directly to see if this is a feature they could get added or implemented. This is because the app uses code to calculate what products are bought together and display them to your customers. The bundled products are often sold at a slight discount in order to convince visitors to the website to spend more money. This app is designed to get your poor performing products selling well. For Shopify sellers harnessing the full capacity of QuickBooks, automating your product bundle inventory management is just a few clicks away. Product bundling apps for your Shopify ecommerce store. While bundling can be used to provide discounts, it can also be used to build upsells into a package, thus blurring the focus around the price of individual items. Other high-end stores also bundle products. You can migrate product bundles from numerous platforms to Shopify. The effect isn’t limited to Nintendo either. It sells a starter kit bundle that includes not only lashes but also lash glue and lash tweezers. Stock-to-Sales Ratio = Percent of Stock ÷ Percent of Sales. Bundles are individual products or services that can be sold together as one unique offer. Easy to use and simple discounting options. There are forty functions included in this app that make it one of the most powerful available for Shopify store owners. Create product bundles and frequently bought together offers for your Shopify store. Calling attention to the overall benefit of the bundle tells customers from the get-go why they should purchase all of these products together rather than just one of them. Its cost is built into the phone’s final ticket price. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Shopify. Product bundling is a key strategy for Shopify merchants to increase their average order value. Simple to create, modify and remove bundles. Yes. As well as ways to collect reviews, SEO aspects and more. At a brick-and-mortar, that may look like the sales associate mentioning that if the customer adds one more item to their purchase, they get 15% off everything. This app does mean that if customers take one of the bundled items out, they no longer get the discount. Create fixed-amount or percent discounts on bundles. So physical store customers can also benefit from your excellent offers. These apps are sometimes limited on their features and you might want to consider some premium options at a later date, but for those starting out, these can be a great option. Log in to your Multiorders account. The process of creating a product bundle can vary quite widely depending on the bundle, but there are some important principles to follow. 8 Examples of Effective Product Bundling for Shopify Stores. The app allows you to choose what products need to be in the cart for the discount to apply, how many of those products are needed and what that discount is. Bundle product app is developed to double store sales & sell a maximum product with a product bundling feature. So the discount that you’re offering for five products and ten products can be different. by . There are apps that you can use within Shopify like others have written that enable you to "pick" products easier, but that doesn't solve the inventory piece well. Oddly enough, curated bundles can seem like a deal to a consumer even when it isn’t saving them any money. With Bundle Products you can offer discounts for not just different products together but also when customers start to buy more of one product. Hi @zakecho,. Some of the top platforms that you might want to migrate from include WooCommerce and WordPress. Let’s look at how to choose products for three of the most common bundle types: Don’t overdo it with the bundling strategy. Well, this app offers the same system for your website. There are many apps that can allow you to remove any limits on your product bundle limits. What’s more: product bundling can also help increase your average order value. But at the same time, they will see that the discount being offered to them is lower. Products are selected depending on a set of rules and displayed as if they were on the main Amazon website. After noticing a number of in-store shoppers who were struggling to purchase the right bottle of wine, they took the difficult decision making out of the shopping process. A bundle as its own product … There is not much research done into whether customers prefer bundles or not. You’ll start receiving free tips and resources soon. And the simple installation makes this a great option for those who have limited technical knowledge. A simple product bundles app that will help you generate higher order values. This app allows you to set up multiple tiers for your products. In addition, you might want to consider that too many products within a bundle can be messy and hard for the customer. Selling products as bundles and difficulty managing the inventory is a common problem for businesses like yours. The reason: bundles give buyers the chance to try multiple products at once, which means more opportunities for them to find items they love (and then buy over and over again). Phone retailers know if customers had to purchase a charger separately, many wouldn’t. Many eCommerce websites utilize bundled products. All bundled products can have automatic discounts applied to them. No coding knowledge needed, simply install the app into your store. Essentially, the study examined a tactic Nintendo employed when selling video games and consoles. For brands with average margins 50% or higher, shave between 10%–20% off of the subtotal. For instance, belif’s skincare bundles are all named for what they do. If you’re still unsure of where to start, analyze your stock-to-sales ratio to discover which products or categories are stagnating. Blog » The Top 12 Bundle Products Apps On Shopify. The gift section on its website features multiple product bundles at many price ranges. Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required. The bundles can include custom product bundles, gift sets and kits. Can I Migrate Bundles from a Different Platform to Shopify? A distinct set of products that, when bundled together have some kind of unique difference compared to if you had bought each item separately. Customers can also customize their product bundles with some options, creating their own bundles with a discount that can be applied based on the products within the bundle, the quantity and final value of the order. Uses typical sales tricks to help you sell more products. With Bold Bundles, it is simple to offer percentage discounts. Can I Bundle Products on all Shopify Plans? Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) discounts are an excellent example of a price bundle. Increase average order values with BOGO offers. Looking for the best Shopify apps to grow your store? It takes just moments for you to bundle products on a Shopify store. Finally, you want to upsell the customer at various points in the shopping process. The app allows you to offer products in a bundle. When the customer chooses to upgrade and buy a bundle, they are taken straight to the checkout page, instead of the cart page. "Behind the scenes, once you discover Lively, you’ll realize that all bras are $35 regardless of size, style, and color. When Nintendo only bundled games together, bundle sales decreased 20%. Wild One, a pet goods retailer, created a number of “kits” (see also: product bundles) that combine popular items with less popular items. Using the product bundle, you choose a few specific products that you want customers to purchase together. This app allows you to offer numerous different types of discounted bundles and allows you to upsell to customers that can really skyrocket your revenues. Many bundle products apps have features that allow you to choose the products in the bundle from a list (or use a search facility), create an image, the pricing and then click add product bundle. And using short descriptions, you can showcase what customers will get when they choose a bundle for your store. Free app to help you sell more and improve revenues. For the customer, the bundles are simple to use. Try for free on a 30-day trial to test out the app to see if it is suitable for your store. Shopify Guru If you also have a physical store and use the Shopify POS system, you can integrate this app with that. Our first thought was to help those who want to start a shop, look into how many products are sold in their niche, how many stores operate in their country, and how they would compare against them. When a customer purchases two or more pieces from the capsule collection, they get 15% off the items. Holidays can be a stressful time for consumers. Crate allows you to bundle products right on the product page so you can sell more. For one, it makes it easier to predict product demands by using bundles. Every retailer shares a common goal: to earn more revenue. They may even discover that they would purchase another pair individually in the future. It also allows you to sell more of all products, which can make it more cost effective to buy in products and therefore grow profit margins with increased sales. Yes. Shopify product bundle apps are used by top-tier Shopify stores, such as Judith & Charles , Gerry Weber and LulaFox. That’s a lot more product sold per click. Market your bundles with unique images to make them standout from the crowd. Can I use Bundled Products and Apply Automatic Discounts? According to the app developers they’ve helped Shopify businesses make an additional $10 million. The charger isn’t free, of course. Baby brand Lalo has seen this work well, too: about 92% of its sales are now bundles, in fact. Activate and deactivate product bundles at will. If your bundle is intended to offer a discount or value-add, it’s important to display that information prominently on your product page and within your marketing efforts. FURTHER READING: Learn more about bundled discounts and other types of discounts you can use in your retail business. No reviews. Nutrition and supplement company HVMN found that by offering “mix and match” bundles (which allowed shoppers to select their own flavors of their MCT oil powder or Keto Collagen+ and build out their own product bundle), its average order value shot up to $108. Shopify Product Bundles is an upselling method that offers several individual products for sale as one combined pack or product through a Shopify store. WineCollective is just one example of a brick-and-mortar shop that has capitalized on an opportunity for product education and curation with subscription boxes. Discounts offered can be for fixed amounts or a percentage to a bundle, which makes them a versatile option. Every bundle you create can have a custom image, so you can make it standout from the crowd. Forty apps to help you grow your Shopify store and earn more revenue. I see it all the time. 15% discount when two products are bought together) or a fixed discount (buy a bundle and get $5 off the total price). By offering a discount on the total price or by adding a perceived value (like a “free” item), the customer feels they got a good deal—even though they’ve likely spent more than they planned to. Generally speaking, products are bundled together when they are related. Yes. More often than not, this 'unique difference' is the price. The ways in which retailers go about meeting that goal vary, however. This simple app is easy to use and will help your business grow. Sellers can set up group type items in QuickBooks to use for products that are commonly sold together but are still independent items and stay that way until an order is picked—like a product bundle. This may seem counterintuitive to the idea of building product awareness, but you can still encourage product discovery by allowing customers to choose from a set group of products, limiting their choices to the items you want to promote. Shopify product bundles are a tool designed to help merchants upsell products to their customers., a sock retailer, raised its AOV 358% with bundling, despite the fact that more than a few of its bundles are actually more expensive than buying the same amount of socks individually. This allows you to effortlessly increase average order value. While it may be a surprise, offering product bundles can also help boost customer loyalty. You can create numerous bundles and kits that have simple, but effective price incentives for customers on your store. An excellent naming best practice is to call the bundle by the benefit it provides a customer. Is there a Maximum Amount of Products Allowed for a Bundle? Spy on Your Competitors - Extended Free Trial! Long lists, last-minute needs, and lack of knowledge about giftees’ interests stand in the way of knowing what to buy. Create an unlimited number of Shopify bundle product collections, Shopify product kits, and Shopify product packages in the bundle products Shopify app, set the price, and see how your sales skyrocket! This process can take just a few minutes. Customisable Products. You can offer percentage or fixed-value discounts to customers for products in cart. You can also decrease cart abandonment rates by asking customers to checkout straight away when they’ve qualified for the discount. The products you choose to bundle will be determined by the bundle type you choose to accomplish your goal. Other eCommerce giants are using them to increase sales and order values because they work. You can also offer discounts that are of a fixed amount or one on of a percentage of the whole basket (or just the items in the bundle). Show ratings of recommended products with. Create an unlimited number of bundles for store. Thanks to these sets of products, less popular goods can be noticed by consumers. The 12 product bundles apps above are the best on the Shopify app store and you should seriously consider any of them to help you grow your business and take it to the next level. Product bundling can also serve as an important tool for reduction of surplus inventory. Discount rules can be set on all product bundles so customers get a specialized discount rate based on the number of products, the type of product, the value of the order or even the customer. Within fewer clicks, you can make unlimited custom bundles & show discount anywhere in your store. You can showcase the potential savings your customers can make with a popup. This is one of the best apps you can get on Shopify and it isn’t just one app really. You might also want to try out a few premium options with their free trials. The app can recommend the perfect bundles for your store. Create custom product bundles with this nice app that allows you create bundles with single SKUs or multiple SKUs. For instance, you can create a toy train bundle and if they have all three toy trains in their cart they get a higher discount. Just like with any other product on Shopify, you can add a free shipping rate for bundled products. Go to Inventory and find the main product for your bundle. We acquire them for brand," said Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder of Lively. 4.8 (418) Starts at $7.49/month. The Advanced Bundle Products app—a Shopify plugin by MageWorx—is just the solution, allowing merchants to enjoy the benefits of smart bundling. For instance, you can set times for bundles. As an online business owner, you should know that the power of upselling and cross-selling products. A landing page can be created for each bundle. A study from Harvard Business School demonstrates how powerful product bundling can be as a tool to increase sales. The 10 Best Shopify Content Protector Apps. Or it could be a bonus that that comes only with the bundle. Others turn to expanding into B2B wholesale channels. Most people don’t try lash tweezers because they’re not entirely necessary to the process of applying lashes. To get better results, try to get discounts to come between 6 and 11% as these are the best discount rates for customers and stores. You may have seen the Amazon method where you see the lead product bundled with other complimenting products, sometimes with a discount. A 14 day free trial to ensure that this is the right app for your Shopify store. If you want to improve order values on your website, then you need to think about product bundles. As you begin to shape your bundling strategy, here are a few statistics you should consider and keep top of mind. And those are just two on an infinite list of tactics you can employ to increase sales. You can give your shoppers a discount in case they buy such a bundle. The reason: bundles help eliminate the burden of choice and make online shopping less overwhelming. This unique approach allows you to streamline the selling process, reduce cart abandonment and improve revenues. As an example, women’s undergarment brand ThirdLove prominently displays its build-your-own-bundle promotion on nearly every page of its site and highlights the cost savings. Here’s what you need to know. In that you can offer customers higher discounts for taking on more of a bundle, while still rewarding them if they lower the bundle. Calculating your bundle’s pricing can be straightforward if you’re not offering any discounts. Gift Boxes. For you, there are some other useful features. Product bundles are a great way to increase the perceived value of your products and encourage customers to spend more in your store. In her free time, she shares her insights on freelancing and writing at Yes. "Buy these together and save!" The cart is fully customizable. One way to meet customer needs during holidays is to take a gift-giving approach to product bundles, which makes it easy for shoppers to find and purchase a done-for-you gift. All you need to have is the right app for your store and you can bundle products for better customer experiences and conversions. Sales associates should also be trained to mention the bundle as an option whenever a customer is looking at one of the individual items. Product Bundles by Bold will be able to let you set up these kinds of rules for your products and there is even a 30 day free trial to help you get started with this app :) Hope this helps Kenneth, if you have any other questions, just let me know! When it comes to maximizing sales with product bundling you want to make the bundle look attractive. “And in the end, it doesn’t matter how big a first order is if the customer never comes back.”. Some apps might have limits for your bundles, but that is on an app-to-app basis. Join the thousands of Shopify stores using Bundle Builder. I tried to develop a Shopify application and I needed to bundle some products and sell those together with the special discount values. There are some apps like product-bundle but I need bundling product … Product bundles can be customized with many product bundle apps that are found on the Shopify app store. You just need to set this up as you would do any other shipping process. Grouping products on Shopify Plus is very easy to do. The best part: offering this product bundle offer has increased LoveSeen’s AOV by 15%. Sell combinations of products or just more of just one product. For example: when you purchase a new smartphone, you also receive a charger in the box. Sometimes products are bundled together as an upsell or a cross-sell. Are there Free Apps for Product Bundling? Shopify product bundles are one of the must-have features to have in your store right now. Offering a bundle at checkout can help a customer pull the trigger on multiple items. We feel like it’s our responsibility to deliver an experience to a customer where they’re truly choosing what they want.”. target and upsell discounted products. Plus, as customer tastes change, the app will notice and start recommending other items to complete bundles with a discount. However, a lot of the top, most successful stores do bundle products.

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