The Huawei blog states, that the firmware update seems to be available for EMUI 10. Hi @svengabr , thanks for your feedback. If you had previously registered a COVID-19 test in the app using a QR code, it can no longer be called up via the app and can no longer be successfully re-registered. thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. Millionenfach ist sie runtergeladen worden – sorgt aber an manchen Stellen auch für Verwirrung und Unsicherheit. Das ‚Killen‘ dieser Hintergrundprozesse kann dazu führen, dass die Corona-Warn-App entweder die Hintergrundaktualisierung zur Risiko-Ermittlung nicht durchführt, oder im schlimmsten Fall die Datenbanken der App beschädigt werden könnten. B.: Für neuere Huawei / Honor Smartphones liegt möglicherweise ein System-Update vor, dass die Corona-Warn-App auf eine Huawei-interne White-List setzt, und vom besonders aggressiven Energiesparen ausschließt. Wird diese im Hintergrund beendet, kann die App keine Push-Benachrichtigungen mehr versenden. For me this is a new behaviour (or I must have missed something). Might be due to updated version and/or OS. Last Thursday I had a crash of the phone (I guess it is a problem with my battery) - phone turned of instantly during listening loud audio. Stellen Sie nun das System-Datum wieder auf den aktuellen Tag ein (Android-. This issue with the label "hot topic" hasn't had any further comments in it lately. Fix wurde beendet. Okay, nachvollziehbar, doch es beschädigt das dringend benötigte Vertrauen in die App. We cannot reproduce this on newer versions CWA >1.5, so this is probably fixed. Es erscheint Skoda Connect wird wiederholt beendet. Ob es tatsächlich etwas bringt, oder eher nicht, ist Gegenstand der Diskussion und noch nicht abschließend geklärt (#642 (comment) #642 (comment) #642 (comment) ). Link (German): After update to 1.5. Einstellungen > Einstellungen > Apps mit Nutzungsdatenzugriff > Huawei Mobile Services, which I turned off and restarted the phone. Ihnen wird erneut die Einführung gezeigt (das Onboarding). I'm having this crash now as well on my P8 lite with Android 6.0.1. I understand. Auf zahlreichen Geräten scheitert das Handy-Warnsystem der Corona-App an den strikten Stromspar-Einstellungen der Hersteller. I assumed they would be, because when I navigate to Google > Covid Benachrichtigungen it only shows a few (10ish or fewer) and only from the date of when I reseted storage &cache. 100 Tage nach dem Start der Corona-Warn-App gibt es eine Zwischenbilanz. Anyway, some of the additional Huawei settings might be of interest for you (one comment below that linked one). I have turned the "Priorisierte Hintergrundaktivität" now. @svengabr : short summary, to avoid misunderstandings: it's not about deleting CWA data from inside the app (settings > delete), but from OS level (Android > Settings > Apps > CWA > Storage > delete data/cache). I'm not sure what went wrong here for you in particular - all steps you told us seem to be right, and for other users this procedure was succeeding. I will come back to you as soon as possible. For newer Huawei / Honor smartphones there may be a system update that puts the Corona-Warn-App on a Huawei internal white list and excludes it from particularly aggressive energy saving. Now open the Corona-Warn-App. Wiederholen Sie die obigen Schritte, um Daten auch im Downloader Manager zu deaktivieren und zu löschen. B. in Whatsapp, Löschen Sie den Cache (nicht die Daten) Ihrer Apps, Löschen Sie Apps, die Sie nicht mehr benötigen. now it hangs in the start screen (Logo on background) for about 10 seconds and then dies. Did any crash on app start ocuur again? I will re-reset the data tomorrow noon, since I guess there is no information on my device which could help anybody to analyse the issue... @creiser-jambit Thank you for sharing your stacktrace. If your test result is positive, you will most likely be notified by phone or postal mail. Once a day, the Corona-Warn-App transfers the codes shared by users who tested positive to the Google interface in order to determine possible risk encounters in the last 14 days. The app seemed to work after the reset of cache and data, before the update. But you can't use CWA for the time until the next update is available. For the time beeing, you could re-reset the data again to make CWA work again. LogCollectManager crashes (initial crash). The number of days that the risk assessment was activated on your phone is also deleted. As far as I currently know, there may be different root causes, which in the end of a chain may result in this app crash. In diesem Fall schließt sie sich sofort wieder. This step should not be necessary when newly installing the app though. That "days active" is zero again is just a display problem, but function wise nothing is lost. But it might be worth a try: To further improve stability, you should check whether at least 2GB of free space is still available for the internal memory. run CWA and hope, Huawei doesn't let it crash again... uninstalling/reinstalling CWA -> this will erase the collected contacts for sure. Das … Corona-Warn-App ist mit vielen Android-Versionen kompatibel Bei Android-Smartphones verläuft die Installation der Schnittstelle – zum Glück – nicht über ein großes Systemupdate. Fehler in der Corona-Warn-App werden gerne zum Drama aufgebauscht. Version 1.2.39. I had the same stack trace as the reporter on the Pixel in this issue (ignoring line number differences because the Android version is different), so I thought to post here. So - by turning off Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), you may be able to prevent the first crash, what may prevent all subsequent crashes. Laut einem Bericht soll die Corona-Warn-App auf "Millionen" Android-Smartphones nicht ordentlich funktioniert haben. . I actually was not aware of this feature until now. I'll try to finish it within the next days. Are you able to find anything like this somewhere in your phone's settings: They are still safely stored inside the Google Exposure Notification Framework (ENF). Whether it actually has a positive effect or not is the subject of discussion and has not yet been finally clarified (#642 (comment) #642 (comment) #642 (comment) ). I guess, if the collected contacts have not been deleted it is not an issue. So, it would need to be re-initialized. My working assumption: actually a chain reaction shows up here. The current version is now 1.7.1 and the issue #642 has been closed as fixed. Corona-Warn-App hat auf Android wochenlang nicht richtig funktioniert. according to our developer's meeting, the issue is most likely related to #642 which should have been initially resolved for 1.5. This could (but not must) indicate, that the collected contacts (RPIs) also might have been erased. Could you try to explain, what it means, 'the app re-setup' by itself? But it would be a shame if all the contacts are really lost for good now. Please excuse my following pedantic questions... As we have 50 Shades of Crashes with CWA, I just want to be double sure, we're having only one source of crash here. The … Regarding the first issue (PR), thanks a lot for your consideration. My CWA P8 lite started to crash at startup, after I used it for more the 14 days. @svengabr : do you think, the stakeholders might consider it to be useful to extend the FAQ, especially for HUAWEI devices according to information/device setup presented here (points 1 to 3 provided in the afore comment by @FriederikeHanssen ) for increased stability? However, I cannot guarantee completeness and correctness. Or via Android > settings > apps > google > Covid-19-Benachrichtigungen? Timeout, Only splash displayed, then app closes. Edit: Version 1.6 was released on Nov 11, 2020. I also think, it's a good idea when dev department has a look on it. Das sorgt für Unmut. Re-installed CWA, set it up as above, crashed as well, At some point then reported here again and was advised to update to 1.5.0, which I did. Wieder ein Problem bei der Corona-Warn-App: Apple-Nutzer berichten, dass sich ihre App nach einem Update nicht mehr öffnen lässt. Yes, and I think @helmutweick 's amazing logcat stacktraces are pointing to one Huawei specific issue that might be associated with this problem: For older devices with EMUI 4 (e.g. Upon next start, the database cannot be read anymore (because corrupted), and the error 9002: file is not a database appears. Es gibt aber einen Weg, den Fehler zu beheben. @svengabr referred to a firmware update, that sets CWA to a Huawei internal white list, to excempt CWA from aggressive battery optimization of Huawei devices, that can be related to this app crash. If the service is running anyway (which would then be bad behavior, in my opinion), and the opt-out just prevents sending the data to Huawei, then it will change nothing here. Unfortunately, a small code fragment needed to be added which will be part in an upcoming hotfix release 1.5.1. Now set the system date back to the current day (Android. The last mentioned version was 1.6 which was released on Nov 11, 2020. Launch the app by pressing the app icon in the app list. Already on GitHub? Sie erhalten dann z. Android version: 10 (Build QQ3A.200805.001. B. Huawei P8 lite) sollte neben dieser allgemeinen Empfehlung noch eine zusätzliche Einstellung vorgenommen werden: Stellen Sie die Corona-Warn-App wie folgt als ‚Geschützte App‘ ein: Um die Stabilität der Corona-Warn-App zu erhöhen, ist noch eine weitere Einstellung möglich – das Entziehen der Erlaubnis auf den Zugriff der Nutzungsdaten für die Huawei Mobile Services. But this unfortunatly did not work in her case. Ihnen sollte nun Ihr richtiger Risiko-Status („niedriges Risiko“ oder „erhöhtes Risiko“) angezeigt werden. With re-setup I mean that the app behaved exactly the way it did when I first installed it. My sister now tried the workaraound incl. Updated it just now. Hi @FriederikeHanssen , could you provide an update on how things were going for you in the last 10 days? Die Corona-Warn-App ist überarbeitet worden. I'm a common user like you, but familiar with that issue, I will try to support you a little. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. As I wrote on September 11th, i reset the app. If the memory is too full (less than 1 GB free memory), the phone becomes slower and slower, which can lead to timeout problems. I'm asking, because you wrote in the third step, that clearing cache and data didn't help anymore, what would point to a different root cause. Will notify you from here, when it's finished. Please do not misunderstand me: I don't want at all to revile all the people who write here in their leisure time to help those unsuspecting people like me, and I have the utmost respect to all these people, especially regarding that the workaround came from them and neither from Telekom nor SAP. Follow the onboarding to the end. Use at your own risk. Because your database was already corrupted, just turning off HMS doesn't change anything for CWA on the next run. Cheers, V. Dear @vaubaehn , I found the contact list inside Settings > Google > Covid-19-Benachrichtigungen > Überprüfen auf mögliche Kontakte. If you found the contact list there, and it was empty, except the freshly fetched data for the last 14 days all with the same time stamp, then it's indeed a big concern, as it indicates, that the Exposure Summary might have been erased by the ENF. Just some additional points: or "Datenerhebung durch Huawei" @mtb77 (and @svengabr ) : You've Got Mail. like @daimpi wrote already, contacts should not be lost, only the entries in the log are gone. corona-warn-app/cwa-documentation#379. Regarding the second issue, I will bring that up to the development team to answer your question. 1 package Java Apache-2.0 2 … Hi at all, The other checkups, wich where there before I deleted the CWA-data, are gone. Native Android app using the Apple/Google exposure notification API. Klicken Sie auf „Stoppen erzwingen“. Either way, my immediate issue is solved. But the contacts for the last 14 days are still lost (V1.5). If the Corona-Warn-App is unexpectedly terminated due to an error in the operating system or aggressive energy-saving measures taken by the phone, it may happen that the Corona-Warn-App can no longer access its encrypted databases when it is restarted. Similar to today actually. Mit einem kleinen Trick kann dieser Zeitraum aber wiederhergestellt werden (siehe unten). Version 17203704005. Unfortunately I am not able to find a release-history/changelog. Der Datenschutz bleibt über die gesamte Nutzungsdauer zu 100 Prozent gewahrt. Workaround by deleting the app data, which means that the history of exposure checks is lost. Some background: Afaiu the update to 1.5 should have caught errors such as yours, but there was a bug in the implementation (see also @vaubaehn's explanation here) which is why the error was not caught and you were not properly informed by the app. If you have a phone from another manufacturer, you can check here whether you can make additional settings to improve reliability: or (you may adjust output to your language on button of that page). You will then receive messages like "App XYZ is not responding". happy to find you here again (thanks for reporting! Turned off: Einstellungen > Einstellungen > Apps mit Nutzungsdatenzugriff > Huawei Mobile Services. Unfortunately now it is no longer possible to open the app. Hi @alois31 , Corona-Warn-App - Android-App 1.14.3 Deutsch: Mit der offiziellen Corona-Warn-App des Bundes für Android helfen Sie, die Infektionsketten des Coronavirus zu unterbrechen. Huawei P8 lite Hi @alois31 , Set the switch for the Corona-Warn-App to, Delete particularly long videos, e.g. Die nachfolgenden Informationen wurden dank der Unterstützung vieler Nutzerinnen und Nutzer, sowie Entwickler aus verschiedenen Beiträgen im GitHub-Issue #642 zusammengestellt (z. So thanks to all who answer and answered here! App version: 1.2.1, Internal Tracking ID: EXPOSUREAPP-2249, EXPOSUREAPP-1851. ), but I'm sad about the circumstances .

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