The conclusions give political guidance to the implementation of the EU Hydrogen Strategy presented by the European Commission on 8 July 2020. News stories. 2 Jul2006y (1), which define . “I think … The Republic of Cyprus has expressed satisfaction over the text of the European Council conclusions on Turkey. Treaty of Lisbon. It Read more. The conclusions adopted at the Special European Council Meeting on Oct. 1-2 are a manifestation of the EU’s incompetence while coping with current regional crises. Conclusions – 10 and 11 December 2020 EUCO 22/20 1 EN The European Council paid homage to former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who passed away on 2 December 2020. V . the Council conclusions on common values and principles in European Union health systems adopted on . The European Council . The Council further stated in its conclusions that it supports efforts to foster the development of pan-European solutions, “notably by addressing the … 10 March 2020 Video conference of the members of the European Council. 3. He was a driving force behind the European project, and played This thirteenth edition of the overview of European Council conclusions, presented in the form of a Rolling Check-List of Commitments to Date, is a publication by the European Council Oversight Unit within the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS), the European Parliament's in-house research service and think-tank. a set of operating principles shared across the European Union, especially regarding patient involvement and quality and safety of care, and which emphasise in particular that all European Union The Conclusions of the European Council 2020. In this context, recalling previous Council Conclusions on Syria, notably those of 4 April 2017, the Council agrees that the objectives of the "European Union Strategy on Syria" remain valid. EU council adopted conclusions on EU’s cybersecurity strategy including ‘joint effort to accelerate uptake of key internet security standards’ (like HTTPS, DNSSEC, DANE and DMARC) 17 March 2020 Video conference of the members of the European Council. Established as an informal summit in 1975, the European Council became a formal European Union institution, with a full-time President, in 2009, on the entry into force of the . The Foreign Affairs Council is made up of European Union Member State Ministers responsible for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development. The European Council’s conclusion announced on Thursday regarding eastern Mediterranean and EU-Turkey relations was most probably a tacit agreement that pleased sides, Ahval contributor and political scientist Cengiz Aktar said. First and foremost, the EU’s credibility and European interests are being taken hostage by the Greek – Greek Cypriot duo. 26 March 2020 Video conference of the members of the European Council. European Council conclusions: A rolling check-list of commitments to date . Cyprus Government Spokesman, Kyriacos Koushos, said in a written statement that “under the circumstances, the text of the conclusions is assessed as being balanced and reflects our basic goals, both as regards the references and commitments of the EU on the Cyprus problem and … The EU Council on Friday adopted conclusions on steps to be taken towards creating a hydrogen market for Europe, to help the EU meet its commitment to reach carbon neutrality in 2050. A stronger multilateralism approach to face new challenges together. ... COVID-19: Council adopts conclusions on human rights-based recovery. 20-21 February 2020 Special European Council.

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