The British introduced tea culture into India in 1836 and into Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1867. If these […] Tea – ffirst enjoyed as early as 2,000 BC – is lauded for its health benefits and calming properties, and is now cultivated in all corners of the world. The total tea consumption of the world is 3,000,000 tons a year. Tea cultivation in Java began under the Dutch, who brought seeds from Japan in 1826 and seeds, workers, and implements from China in 1833. The development and promotion of tea has been one of China's principal contributions to the world. Britain’s far-reaching colonial power effectively spread tea culture throughout the world and, today, tea remains a huge part of daily life. Tea Culture Worldwide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In 1824 tea plants were discovered in the hills along the frontier between Burma and the Indian state of Assam. Tea tends to be more than just a beverage in countries around the world, but a moment of togetherness and connection. Tea is serious business in China, where you're more likely to be served tea than plain water. The United Kingdom’s tea legacy stretches back into the 17th century, when it was brought to the isle by the British East India Trading company. Discover the history and traditions of tea drinking in some of the countries where it is most popular. The Chinese nation has written a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. Compare this to a tea culture, like Pakistan, where I spent Christmas holiday. Lu Yu's statue in Xi'an. Despite this fact, the variety of Ceylon Tea still varies throughout the country depending on the specific place it’s grown. It’s a fantastic source of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that are found in green tea, and as a result, it’s an extremely popular drink for longevity and resistance to chronic disease. That means 50,000 tons consumption has grown in 10 years. Ceylon Tea, also known for the moniker of “Sri Lankan Tea”, is one of the best-tasting tea in the world because of its bold flavour. The tea culture reflects the oriental traditional culture, combining the tea with Tao wisdom, pronounced in Chinese as Dao, which is an integral part of the Chinese culture. No additional cost is charged to you and I don’t link to products that I wouldn’t recommend to friends and family. They have their work cut out as Cowan admits American tea culture is woefully behind. Tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide with an … Lu Yu's Tea Classic was the earliest treatise on tea in the world. People in India drink approximately 6,200,000 tons tea every year. There are many rituals and traditions for tea as well as many different types. In 1990, it was recorded as 2500,000 tons. India is the world famous tea consuming country. World tea consumption. For Lu Yu, tea symbolized the harmony and mysterious unity of the Universe. From Taiwan's bubble tea to Argentina's yerba mate, we look at 17 ways teas are enjoyed around the world. Matcha tea is a finely-ground preparation of green tea leaves that’s blended with hot water to make a bright-green colored tea. First appearing as early as 5,000 years ago, Green Tea is the oldest category of Chinese Tea.

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