Miej swoje ulubione fandomy zawsze pod ręką, a nigdy niczego nie przegapisz. She is known for her starring role as Daphne Bridgerton in the Netflix period drama series Bridgerton (2020–present). She starts to explain why, but Lady Bridgerton says that's not necessary and admits that she and Lord Bridgerton also had trouble not succumbing to their passion. Anthony then tells her about Simon refusing her dowry. It doesn't bode well for any of her children if the queen is against them. 1 brytyjskie He was surprised, but he thinks he just misread the situation. Hastings Lady Featherington says perhaps he could do without his tobacco and snatches away his pipe. Director Rose says she'll ask, but Mrs. Wilson tells her she needs to know these things as Daphne's Ladies Maid. Their footman then announces Colin is there to visit Marina. They have an awkward conversation as they walk. Phoebe Harriet Dynevor (born 17 April 1995) is an English actress. Na początku sezonu towarzyskiego 1813 Daphne zadebiutowała przed królową. Prince Friedrich comes across Queen Charlotte. At the start of the Bridgerton series, in 1813: Click on any book cover above for a closer look. Eloise is looking around for someone when she runs into Penelope. Daphne jest młodą, błyskotliwą dziewczyną, która wzięła udział w Sezonie Towarzyskim. The extensive and talented cast of Bridgerton is led by Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton, a young debutante from an influential family who is on a … It could do a lot for her girls. Daphne uciekła z imprezy i wyszła na zewnątrz, aby zaczerpnąć powietrza. Bridgerton season 1 ended with Simon and Daphne ultimately getting their happy ending, which was a relief because the series is now free to explore the lives of other characters and relationships in the Ton. They both step forward and share a kiss. Płeć The queen is also affected by his words. Informacje biograficzne Daphne warns Cressida to watch what she says as she could make an enemy of a future duchess. She wants Colin, the one guy Penelope doesn't want her to choose. He can't stop thinking about her. He stands, removes the last of his clothes, and then goes back to her. The Bridgerton Family Tree . Die von Chris Van Dusen geschaffene und von Shonda Rhimes produzierte Serie basiert auf Julia Quinns gleichnamiger Romanreihe. If she hasn't by then, she'll accept Lord Rutledge and her fate. Quite the same Wikipedia. Pseudonimy There was attraction, but Daphne and Simon both had conflicts with each other. Bridgerton (TV Series 2020– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Eloise starts to explain what she believes to be true, starting with Lady Whistledown being a widow, as she obviously has money. Simon stands at the front of the church. Benedict goes back to Henry Granville's. Lady Danbury suggests giving the queen what she wants: attention. Henry then introduces Benedict to his wife, Lucy, whom Benedict recognizes as the woman he and Genevieve were with at Henry's party. She began her career as a child actress, appearing in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road (2009–2010). But then they found friendship with each other, fooling everyone into thinking they were courting. She refuses to tell Anthony where she's gone, telling him he's done enough. Benedict looks around the place in awe of what he sees. Daphne is walking in the garden when Rose finds her. Anthony says they should discuss Daphne's dowry, but Simon doesn't want to as he won't accept it. The Duke and I is the fifth episode ofBridgerton. Lady Danbury says the queen is behind it, as she's taken Daphne's rejection of her nephew to heart. W tym momencie pojawił się Simon. As she leaves, Daphne comes in and tells her mother she's engaged. Lady Whistledown opisała jej wygląd jako oszlifowany diament. Nigel obudził się i poprosił Daphne o rękę, co Simon nazwał najmniej romantyczną propozycją. Then he removes his own clothes. The archbishop stands at the front and marries them. On Daphne's side, her mother and her other siblings watch while Will, Alice, and Lady Danbury have come for Simon. Marina notes that they shouldn't be alone in there, which Colin knows. December 25, 2020 She and Simon just realized how deeply they felt for each other. Simon Basset (mąż)Lord Bridgerton † (ojciec)Violet Bridgerton (matka)Anthony Bridgerton (brat)Benedict Bridgerton (brat)Colin Bridgerton (brat)Eloise Bridgerton (siostra)Francesca Bridgerton (siostra)Gregory Bridgerton (brat)Hyacinth Bridgerton (siostra) Daphne suggests they take a walk. Lady Danbury insists to Eloise that she is not Lady Whistledown as Eloise had accused. Phoebe Dynevor At the reception, Gregory and Hyacinth play. Daphne tears up at the mention and excuses herself. 1813 [edit | edit source] Daphne is on her 2nd season when Nigel Pembroke follows her out into a hallway at a ball. Queen Charlotte tells Friedrich to go if he's so willing to accept defeat, though it's not how she does things. Bridgertonowie He wants to take care of Siena as he promised. The queen tells him to fight for Daphne if he wants her, but he doesn't want to. Es basiert auf Julia Quinn ‚s Romanen in der wettbewerbsorientierten Welt der gesetzt regentschaftsära London s‘ Tonne während der Saison , wenn Debütanten werden bei Gericht vorgelegt .Bridgerton ist Shonda Rhimes erste geskriptete Netflix-Serie. Rose dresses Daphne as Daphne states all the things she'll need for her wedding. As Daphne, Eloise, and Hyacinth come down the stairs followed by their mother and maids, Hyacinth asks Daphne what it feels like to be in love. The Duke and I He tells her he's right there, not knowing that he's not always lucid. They'll marry by the end of the season. Narodowość Queen Charlotte reads the next issue of Lady Whistledown's society paper unhappily. The kiss quickly turns more passionate and he starts to undress her. Benedict closes the door and goes back to have a tryst with Genevieve and another woman. Though she does ask Eloise to tell her who it is when she finds out. Bridgerton ist eine amerikanische Streaming-TV- Dramaserie , die von Chris Van Dusen erstellt und von Shonda Rhimes produziert wurde . Pochodzenie He won't be paid to marry her and he finds the concept of a dowry insulting. Lady Whistledown opisała jej wygląd jako oszlifowany diament. Anthony tells her and Lady Bridgerton that the special license has been denied as the archbishop did not see a need. Szybko poczuła się sfrustrowana swoim bratem, Anthonym, odrzucając wszystkich jej zalotników. From the glittering ballrooms of Mayfair to the aristocratic palaces of Park Lane and beyond, the series unveils a seductive, sumptuous world replete with intricate rules and dramatic power struggles, where no one is truly ever on steady ground. Daphne quickly strips off her clothing and gets into bed. Opis wyglądu Rose shares the story of an aunt in Greenwich who also can't have children, but finds satisfaction in her husband even without children. Menu. modifier La Chronique des Bridgerton (Bridgerton) est une série télévisée américaine créée par Chris Van Dusen (en) , basée sur la série de livres du même titre de Julia Quinn , et diffusée depuis le 25 décembre 2020 sur Netflix . Eloise has a less flattering view of it. Bridgerton Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Air date Daphne pretends she was sleeping and gets up, asking if her mother is awake yet. Lady Bridgerton is thrilled for her. Cressida thinks Daphne used it to trap Simon into marriage. It's either true love or concealing a scandal. Mrs. Wilson tends to Lady Bridgerton, who's insistent that she did not overindulge last night and simply slept poorly. The innkeeper leads them to the room and says to let him know if they need anything. Daphne is shocked that the license has been denied. Then he tells Simon his room is just over there and walks away. Świat rzeczywisty He accuses the queen of having done something to his child. Produite par Shonda Rhimes , la série se déroule dans la haute société londonienne lors de la Régence anglaise . The archbishop hasn't arrived, so it's okay. Aktor Anthony is the male lead in the second installment of the bridgerton series The Viscount who Loved Me In the 1813 season he attempted to help his sisterDaphne Bridgerton find a suitable husband. Simon wakes with one of Will's children, Nicky, over him. Daphne Bridgerton The Bridgerton Siblings quest to find lov in their books! Prince Friedrich then comes to tell her he's returning to Prussia. He finally arrives and Lady Danbury realizes he's been drinking. The archbishop arrives and Anthony thanks him for granting the special license, though the archbishop says not to thank him. Jest grana przez Phoebe Dynevor. Daphne says she's so in love and can't imagine waiting a full month to marry. W pierwszym sezonie Daphne wyszła za mąż za Simona Basseta, któremu urodziła syna. They part ways for the night. 'Bridgerton' has a new leading lady: Meet Simone Ashley, who will take over the leading lady spot from Phoebe Dynevor's Daphne Bridgerton. Mrs. Wilson then sees that the cake is the wrong color, but learns there's no sugar available to fix it. She wants to get a special license to marry immediately. Daphne hugs her brothers and tells them she'll miss them all terribly. Wzięła udział w innym wydarzeniu, na którym ona i jej matka zostały zaproszone do siedzenia z Lady Danbury podczas występu. She says he didn't, but love is the greatest force of all. Anthony apologizes for shooting at Simon, but Simon shrugs it off. Simon tells Daphne they'll be at the inn before nightfall. Violet was the mother of the eight Bridgerton Siblings in which the series is centered around. They should appear before her themselves and make a personal appeal, without begging or insincerity. Soon after, they're kissing and she pulls him away from the crowd. He tells her it may hurt for a moment and they start to have sex. Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth child and eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family. Daphne is touched by what he has said. Marina happily accepts his proposal. An Affair of Honor Cressida and Lady Cowper smirk as they read that. Suddenly, Lady Danbury arrives to Lady Bridgerton's delight. Episode guide Gatunek Po ucieczce od rozmowy z Nigelem wpadła na Simona Basseta, który uwierzył, że udaje, kiedy powiedziała, że ​​nie wie, kim on jest. Lady Featherington agrees to give her until Saturday. Daphne Bridgerton - główna bohaterka serialu Bridgertonowie, córka Lorda Bridgertona i Violet. Before their lips meet, he pulls back. Nigel poszedł za nią i oświadczył się jej. He's hers and always has been. As Colin and Marina go to the side to talk, Penelope asks her mother if it's wise to let Marina court Colin, who is so young and may not be thinking seriously about marriage yet. Episode 5 Daphne odmówiła mu, ale próbował ją do tego zmusić, powodując, że uderzyła go i znokautowała. Człowiek Nie pomogła temu Lady Whistledown deklarująca, że ​​to Marina, a nie Daphne, była nieporównywalną w tym sezonie. Simon Basset is a mysterious young suitor who has returned to England to settle his father's affairs and has no interest in finding a wife. Daphne corrects that it's actually Simon. Daphne has more questions, but Rose warns them the carriages have been brought around, so it's time for them to go. He flirts with her. Daphne quickly strips off … 1 Synopsis 2 Full Summary 3 Cast 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Guest Stars 4 Music 5 Notes and Trivia 6 Gallery 6.1 Episode Stills 6.2 Behind the Scenes 7 Quotes 8 See Also To fend off rumors about their garden escapade, Simon and Daphne must make a personal appeal to the queen. He's the male main character of the book An Offer from a Gentleman. They move to the bed and he asks her if she touched herself like they talked about. Zostało to również poparte przez Lady Whistledown, pisarkę lokalnej gazety, która jest anonimową damą z towarzystwa, która ogłosiła ją nieporównywalną w tym sezonie. It's too far and not safe for them to travel all the way back to Clyvedon, so they'll be at the inn for the night. Marina says if she marries Colin, it will connect the Featherington to a very powerful family. Simon gets up and Alice serves him a meal to help with his hangover. Will questions if marrying Daphne will be so bad, as he thought Simon cared for her. And when one of those rules were broken he challenged him to a duel for his Sister's Honour. Violet Bridgerton, interpretata da Ruth Gemmell, doppiata da Barbara De Bortoli. He asks after little George, whom she says is not so little anymore. Hoping to follow in her parents' footsteps and find a match sparked by true … Eloise is pleased by it. Then he realized he didn't want her to be only his friend, but his wife. Daphne and Simon step forward and the queen invites them to plead their case. To meet your best friend is something else entirely. Finally, Daphne hugs her mother, who tells her she'll be a wonderful duchess. Created by Chris Van Dusen. Genevieve is working on Daphne's wedding dress and promises her she won't be disappointed. Friedrich wishes her luck and leaves. É baseada na série de livros de mesmo nome escrita por Julia Quinn que acompanha o competitivo mundo da alta sociedade da Regência Britânica.A série foi lançada em 25 de dezembro de 2020 na Netflix.. Em janeiro de 2021, a série foi renovada para segunda temporada. Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family. Sprawiłoby to, że wyglądałaby bardziej atrakcyjnie dla innych zalotników, a jednocześnie pozwoliłoby mu załatwić sprawy ojca bez matek z miasta, które nękałyby go, by poznać ich córki. Acts that will lead to children. Really, they enjoyed each other's company so much they couldn't stay away from each other. They each feel as though they've trapped the other. He says that's not what he wants. Simon Basset, interpretato da Regé-Jean Page, doppiato da Jacopo Venturiero. Here's everything you need to know about 'Bridgerton' break-out star Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton on the new Netflix series. Lady Bridgerton is happy about that, but notes that Daphne herself doesn't seem too thrilled. She wants only the finest things for them. She's not sure the extent of it, but it seems to be a source of great pain for him. Daphne nervously eats as she watches Simon. Benedict is a renowned artist in the series and has painting in art museums and galleries. Bridgerton ist eine amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am 25.Dezember 2020 ihre Premiere beim Online-Streaming-Dienst Netflix hatte. Then she steps forward and leans in to kiss him. She hopes Simon's proposal was half as romantic as that conversation. Instead, it'll be put in trust for Daphne to use as she sees fit, perhaps for their children. She then goes to leave, but he stops her, asking her to marry him. He never enjoyed talking much before, but conversation has always been easy with Daphne. The queen has to tell him that she was ill and she's gone now. Następnego dnia Daphne i jej rodzina czekali na rozmówców.

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