As is annual tradition now, I’ve one again spent around 40 games trying to work out how custom tactics work at the start of FIFA. In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you can also access the custom tactics from the Squad Actions menu > Custom Tactics. Every quick tactic is one … This is just asking for trouble. Press left bumper to trigger a through ball, and then flick the right stick in the direction you want them to run. As well as trying to score goals, you also need to prevent your opponents from getting one past you. This will allow you to control one of your midfielders and attempt to anticipate what pass he could make. There are multiple features and control options available in FIFA 21. Make sure you have strikers with decent pace to get the most out of this formation. If you have problems defending, this formation will help you with a compact defense. Similarly, the “Hug Sideline” tactic makes the team play wider, which can open up the game. Play around with the various tactics to find which best suits your style of play. Here's how best to shore up your defences. Has anyone else noticed that, no matter what custom tactics you select, your defence seems to sit on the halfway line and keeps getting caught on the break? Feel free to experiment more with these settings, until you tweak them just right. This is risky, as it sends your player flying into a slide tackle or barging into their opponent for a standing tackle, and with poor timing, this can either leave you in a heap on the floor or give away a penalty. It needs to be someone close enough to the ball to get there in time, but not someone already in a good position or covering a path for a pass. FIFA 21 now allows you to direct the run they make as well, if you want absolute control. It’s true that the game doesn’t suit tight, containment football in the way the real thing does, but you’ll find yourself having to defend a lot through some entertaining end-to-end affairs. It’s a tactic typically favoured by strong, fast, intelligent defenders like Van Dijk or Varane. Football is a team game, and so is defending. Using the standing tackle (O/B button) is a far better option as even a mistimed attempt will not remove your defender from the game. If you miss the opponent it essentially removes one of your players from that passage of play, leaving you a man down in defence. FIFA 21 … Simply push it in the direction of the player you want to control, and it will switch to them. We all love a spectacular slide tackle, but missing one can quickly turn into a disaster. When you’re playing a match, you have the ability to activate attacking and defending D-Pad Tactics. This will allow the defenders to stay in position while also applying pressure to the ball. Pace and physicality is the key to defending in FIFA 21 and just being fast tends to be enough for any player to make a tackle. Depth: 5 Bar. Attack the best form of defence. Free Kicks: 2 Bar. If you want the upper hand at the back, these tips will offer it. The first is by pressing the L1/LB button, which will switch to a player determined by the CPU. FIFA 21 Best Defensive Formation - 4-2-3-1. Hey Guys today today we are going to be sharing with you what may be the Most Broken Custom Tactics and Most Broken Overpowered Formation in FIFA 21 … There are a number of ways that you can limit the amount of chances that you concede and mastering a few of the techniques below will go a long way to improving your defensive ability. If your CBs are not protecting the edge of your box, there is far too much space in the centre of the pitch that can be exploited. A new addition to FIFA 20, hard tackles are back for FIFA 21. FIFA 21 4-4-1-1 Best Custom Tactics. Hello everyone! Holding down standing tackle (O/B) or slide tackle (Square/X) results in a more powerful tackle than just a press. But dribbling feels more realistic . As well as trying to score goals, you also need to prevent your opponents from getting one past you. Whether you prefer to sit deep, press high up the pitch, or fall somewhere in between, selecting the right type of defensive structure can go a long way to keeping the opposition at bay. Agility and balance is again the most dominant feature like last year. A back three can work, but relies on pacy, mobile defenders. This is one of the biggest changes FIFA 21 … It features two strikers and a CAM, three of whom combine to wreak havoc on your opponent’s defence thanks to the quick one-twos you’re able to play in the attacking third. Going all in forwards will sometimes give you an advantage. Corners: 3 Bar. 4-2-3-1 - … If you think you can score goals by keeping the defenses intact, this FIFA tactic is for you. Jockeying your opponent is an effective way to stop the player in possession from dribbling passed... Don't Dive In!. Which is basically an offensive mentality . Best defensive tactics on Fifa 21 Pro Clubs. FIFA 21: The Best Formations for the Start. The second method to switch player is by using the right analogue stick. Depending on what you plan to do, you can choose between Attacking or Defending Tactics via the UP or DOWN Buttons respectively. 13 Cracking FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Bargains For Under 2,000 Coins, FAI Announce Launch of Competitive FIFA 21 Competition, Watch Aaron Connolly & Jack Byrne's FIFA 21 Battle For Chance To Win A PS5, 15-year-old FIFA Prodigy Finally Loses After 535 Game Win Streak, The Internet Is In Awe Of Ronan O'Gara After This Interview. This formation is pure meta this year especially because it has two strikers. Width: 6 Bar. It’s a tactic typically favoured by strong, fast, intelligent defenders like Van Dijk or Varane. Paolo Maldini even said that tackling is a sign a defender has made a mistake. Dynamic tactics have been an excellent addition to FIFA in recent years and can be used to really put your stamp on a team. Perhaps the most important gameplay innovation in FIFA 21 is that crosses and headers are dangerous again this year. There are four defensive in-game tactics that you can use in every FIFA game; striker drops back, team press, overload ball side, offside trap. These functions still exist, and can be effective for shifting players over – second man press still has its uses – but manual defending is definitely the way to go now. FIFA 21 – ANDERS VEJRGANG Custom Tactics 442 (Best tactics) So , the formation that Anders uses in game is normally 442. Joe Gomez (Liverpool), Raphael Varane (Real Madrid) and Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig) are your best options here. FIFA Pro Clubs players can finally customize their team’s tactics and formations in FIFA 21, but some strategies work better than others. Thus, the tactics from the predecessors won’t work here. Bombing forward to wherever the ball is can rarely be effective, as attackers will then just lob or pass the ball past you. Well that largely depends on the style you use on the pitch. Instead, you should use one of your midfielders to track the run. Regardless of what formation you play (more on that below), you’ll want to get the balance right for your team. Get a character with an excellent overall average for the above 5 traits, and set him up for defense. Holding down L2/LT will mean a defender faces up their opponent and can keep them contained, without needing to commit themselves to a tackle. For more ball control you can increase the width under "Defense" in the individual tactics (6 or 7 bars). With the defenders being slow and very less agile as of now the best strategy for FIFA 21 would be to play a high line pressure defense. Having an extra player sit in front of your defence makes a massive difference, especially in subduing potential counterattacks. This FIFA 21 Custom Tactics and Plans guide will help you understand both Defensive and Offensive tactics in detail, and it will also go over the different Game Plans that FIFA 21 has to offer. You can score as many goals as you want but you won't get very far if you keep giving them away at the other end. It closes automatically after a few seconds. Here are some of them: Standing tackles. Manual control, more often than not, is the way forward, Pulling players into spaces they don't want to be in is a key tactic, If you focus on opposing players too much, you can leave yourself open, Switching up players allows your team to dominate more of the pitch, Knowing exactly how you want a match to play out is important, You have to make sure your formation plays to your team's strengths, Getting in with a hard tackle is sometimes the only way to dominate. I think I’ve found a few little changes from last year but will explain it overall. These should be used sparingly, but are incredibly effective at covering space if a striker is streaming through on goal. Select the best five of your defenders, and take your positions. The 4-1-2-1-2 narrow is arguably the best formation for making the most out of FIFA 21’s dynamic attacking system. Offense Tactic. However, use this sparingly as it can make your defender susceptible to be beaten off the dribble. What are the best FIFA 21 custom tactics to help you achieve positive results on the pitch? How To Defend In FIFA 21 Use Dynamic Tactics. Here's how best to shore up your defences. This also works when you call a man short with the right bumper. On this page, you’ll find a selection of the best FIFA 21 custom tactics based on your game … FIFA 21 custom tactics for 4-3-3 (5) False 9. On PlayStation and Xbox: Pressing up on the D-Pad will display tactics … No formation will cover everything, but by looking at your best players and their strengths and weaknesses, you will find the formation which is right for you. If you’re playing a formation which relies on attacking full backs, make sure you have a central midfielder with lots of stamina who can cover for them. Some of the better gamers you face will attempt to bait you into slide tackles, so they should be seen as a last resort. Adding R2/RT turns it into a fast jockey, which is especially effective if you’re trying to cover ground or want to make interceptions in midfield. You should use the right stick to manually switch rather than rely on the game’s suggestions, as that puts you in complete control of which player to switch to. We will be showing you how to use this formation as well as the best FIFA 21 4231 custom tactics and instructions to go with it. Defensive Style: Press After Possession Loss. A starter pack based on your skills. How to activate D-Pad Tactics. The 4-3-3 (5), also known as False 9, is the formation popularized by Pep Guardiola. Your player angle himself in the direction of the ball, allowing him to get closer to the attacker. More Tips For Play 451 Formation Effectively In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. One of the most common mistakes players make while defending is running full speed at the player in possession with their centre backs once they get into dangerous area. You can customise your tactics based on your Defence … The “Getting In The Box” tactic is useful when you’re looking to cross the ball. Giving them specific instructions on the team selection page can help each player achieve their potential. If you feel you need more cover, you can tell your central midfielders to drop deep. This is a FIFA 21 4231 formation guide and a breakdown of FIFA 21 4231 best tactics, one of the most popular formations in FIFA 21. This results in a different meta compared to FIFA 20 and tactics that are unique to FIFA 21. If your opponent has the ball in a non-threatening position (for example, just inside you half), you may be better off just letting him have the ball and not making a tackle. EA Sports has made many changes in FIFA 21. To really get the most out of your holding midfielder, you should adjust his attacking instructions to 'stay back while attacking'. FIFA 21 custom tactics configurations and preset tactics from real teams and our own suggestions If even after reading our custom tactics guide for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you still don’t know which values to use, maybe we can help you. If you are looking for new formation and tactics for FIFA 21, then you are in the right place. We would recommend that you use a holding midfielder if possible. If you are struggling don't worry, we will show you how to defend in FIFA 21. The first formation that we would like to introduce to you in more detail is the 4-2-3-1. When an attacker is running at you, simply hold down the L2/LT button to perform a jockey. Instead, focus less on always trying to tackle 100% of the time, and rather on blocking out avenues for passes or making sure a winger has nowhere to go. You can always see what player this button will switch to, as that player will have a faded icon over their head. Here's how to improve your defending in FIFA 21. With a back four in defense and an overcrowded midfield, you will receive your opponent on their own half of the pitch. To start FIFA 21 on the right foot, follow our FIFA 21 Download and Beginners Guide. FIFA 21 Quick Tactics are divided into two groups. Take a look at Wiley’s top attacking and tactical advice below. Setting dynamic tactics will help your team to do a better job on the pitch. FIFA 21 is a hugely offensive-heavy game, with most players taking the Galactico “I’ll concede three but score four” attitude. This means he will be there to stop your opponent breaking at pace. The tactics are available under Team Management screen in FIFA 21 before going play a match. FIFA 21 isn't all about pressuring your opponent. Learn how to activate attacking and defending D-Pad Tactics in FIFA 21, and see how the different strategies will help your players and team. Unfortunately, ‘kick them off the park’ isn’t an option, so again, Simeone probably isn’t best pleased.

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