Contact us to go on a private China tour with us. While the “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition” is a fascinating and informative journey that starts with l This might be mainly to promote tourism, but it does make the region more cheery and exciting in the winter season. Conceptualising the British Colonial Rule of Hong Kong, in: City, Culture and Society 5/2014, S. 23–32. The British have had the biggest foreign cultural influence on modern Hong Kongers. The public facilities are of good quality and operate efficiently and pleasantly. The foreigners have much influenced Hong Kong's culture since tens of thousands have had much influence in the corporate world as executives and managers, and a large percentage of them have been teachers, church leaders or worked in the charitable and civic organizations. This environment gave the local Hong Kongers a sense of personal independence. Seit jeher ist Hongkong ein begehrtes Ziel für Flüchtlinge und Zuwanderer. People generally expect the justice system, police and government agencies to serve fairly well though locals in Hong Kong will tell you numerous instances when the appearance of justice or good government is just an appearance. Lifestyles in Hong Kong are urban-centric and cosmopolitan, with the majority of the population being highly … Sun Yat-sen was one of the first graduates of a Christian medical college in Hong Kong. In literature, the territory is considered a small part of Greater China. China's cultural revolution put Hong Kong on a new political stage. The majority of Hong Kong's ethnic Chinese practice to some extent a variety of folk religions including Taoism. Many of the people were educated, skilled, or had some capital. Finden Sie Tipps, wie Sie gesund bleiben, und informieren Sie sich über aktuelle Reisehinweise. Wait for the host to tell you to when to start eating or for him to begin eating. For example, unlike in many countries around the world, the people don't automatically expect the local police to be corrupt on everyday nonpolitical matters but to even-handedly and efficiently deal with situations. It is obvious that the two value systems conflict, and based on age, religion, and social grouping, each individual Hong Kong person has had to determine what their own values and philosophy are. Hong Kong is a city that's always looking to the future. About 22% are not religious. One child is the norm as most living spaces are in small high-rise apartments. About 54% speak English. Hong Kong is home to the most skyscrapers on Earth, yet 40 percent of its territory is country parks and nature reserves. But we were under the British colonial rule for a century. 1. Through their hard work and with their form of government and cultural ideals, the Hong Kong people prospered to become the wealthiest city in the world and one of the world's top cities for business and finance, and this success served to reinforce these core values and give Hong Kongers a sense of personal and civic pride in their region and culture. China Highlights tailor-makes China tours to help travelers discover China This page is all about what makes Hong Kong special: its people, their history, habits and quirks. It has the most billionaires in the world per capita. An industrial boom made Hong Kong one of the four “Asian Tigers” economies. As Hong Kong was under British rule for 156 years between 1842 and 1997, it is hardly surprising that British influences continue to feature heavily in its culture. He became very influential in the Hong Kong and Guangdong area. However, its rich history more than warrants a look at its past. Hong Kong Culture the Big Melting Pot of East-Meets-West Cultures. About 24 percent of Hong Kongers have a college level degree or above, and Hong Kong's universities are regarded as some of the best in East Asia with first-rate facilities, faculty and research. Tourists highly appreciate Hong Kong's 63 Michelin-rated restaurants in 2019. The average Hong Kongese family unit is the nuclear family. Their Cantonese language is quite different than the dialects spoken by most of the Han Chinese who speak Mandarin or dialects that are somewhat more akin to Mandarin. The basic underlying culture is the traditional culture of the Han people. Safe and happy tourists: Tourists find that the huge country parks are well tended and are fairly safe to hike around in and that park facilities and area tourist attractions are well tended. Hong Kong was under British control as a central port of trade before being reclaimed by China in 1997 as a ‘Special Administrative Region’. Hong Kong vs. China Controversies . The unusual honesty and good governance of the British cultural tradition along with the traditional value placed on education, hard work, and respect for authority has produced tangible good results. It is also rated tops in the 2019 Economic Freedom Index. As another example, Hong Kong has the most profitable metro system in the world. The city is unique that it’s mixture of east meets west. Mainland Chinese have been moving to Hong Kong since 1997, so now about 20 percent or 1.5 million of Hong Kong's residents are Mainland Chinese, and they are making the region's culture more like that of the Mainland. Their culture is sophisticated and mixes Confucian and British ethics, and they are international savvy. They also developed an unusually high sense of civic responsibility since under British control and afterwards, the government has maintained a non-interventionist stance in the daily lives of the people. Due to Hong Kong's diverse ethnic makeup and complex fusion of nationalities and cultures, Hong Kongers have a diversity of religions and philosophical beliefs. & Referral Program. So you can experience HK culture quite directly by eating! About 2 to 3% are Muslim. During the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), in 1684, the Emperor ordered that Canton, Zhuhai, and Macau (all towns and cities around Hong Kong) be three of the Qing Empires's few open trading ports. Such actions must be done with the utmost sincerity. The foreigner population has included British and Commonwealth government staff, soldiers and police, business people from all over the world, South Asian immigrants, foreign workers, and hundreds of thousands of Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers and laborers. Hong Kong Cultural Centre bei Nacht (2016) Hong Kong Cultural Centre (chinesisch 香港文化中心, Pinyin Xiānggǎng Wénhuà Zhōngxīn, Jyutping Hoeng1gong2 Man4faa3 Zung1sam1) ist ein Kultur- und Konzerthaus in der chinesischen Sonderverwaltungszone Hongkong. For more about Hong Kong's history, see Hong Kong History. This honesty also comes across in how efficiently the transportation and infrastructure are managed. It doesn't receive government financing. Museums might be anyone's go-to place to get a glimpse of the past but nestled among skyscrapers and giant shopping malls are plenty of cultural and heritage gems chronicling our city's past.. This unique mixing of Eastern and Western values and ideals has produced some outstanding results. It has been widely regarded as the world's most outstanding and well-run city in the world in the last fifteen years. New Year, Hong Kong Languages: Background and Helpful Travel Tips. They have a birthrate of about 1.1 children per person, among the lowest in the world. See more on How Dining is Done in Hong Kong. You give someone face by complimenting them, showing them respect, or doing anything that increases their self-esteem. ausführlich Solomon Bard, Traders of Hong Kong. However the frequent protests and occasional large demonstrations have helped to promote the Hong Kongers' sense of being different and their appreciation for their own Hong Kong local culture. From about 220 AD to about 1100 AD, there were at times large numbers of foreigners in the Canton (Guangzhou) area engaging in trade since it was one of the main foreign trading cities. Ihre Sicherheit ist unsere Priorität. Many Hong Kong residents, about 12%, identify themselves as Christian, and they may not participate in traditional Chinese religious customs for example. Hong Kong Facts: Top for Tourism, Business, Wealth, IQ... How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong, recommended Hong Kong Cantonese gourmet restaurants>>, 10 Interesting Facts to Help You Understand Chinese Culture, Ancient Chinese Culture (1600–221 BC) - Development and Features, How to Plan a 2-Day Tour of Hong Kong's Highlights, Hong Kong Weather — Best Time to Visit Hong Kong, The Top 10 Things to Do in Central, Hong Kong, Loyalty Companies as well as individuals have face and this is often the rationale behind business transactions. This Culture and customs in Hong Kongare a diverse mix of cultures which makes Hong Kong one of the most exciting places to live and one of the most densely populated cities in the world 3. They also have become materialistic and highly fashion and wealth conscious. #2 You probably know that Hong Kong means “fragrant harbour” in Chinese. For various reasons, the Cantonese people in Guandong Province, on the outskirts of the big empires, have a culture different than the culture of most of the Han people north of them. Bomb disposal experts from the police and the British military defused as many as 8,000 home-made bombs. This experience has made them more entrepreneurial and internationally orientated. Taxation was set very low, and regulations and government intervention and corruption was comparatively little. Seeing a festival event: We could escort you to one of the local Hong Kong holiday festival events. Ocean Park is one of the world's largest and most popular amusement parks, and it doubles as an educational and research facility. Local Hong Kongers are proud of their region and their accomplishments, and they want to preserve their culture. Their presence as well as the presence of hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists on any given day is influencing the local culture, and cultural conflict is increasing. Today, it is one of the biggest financial hubs in the world. 12. They became more pluralistic since hundreds of thousands of foreigners, a large part of the population, have worked and lived in Hong Kong for decades. Confucianism. Basically, restaurant-going strengthens the social relationships. Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841 to 1997. Traditional holidays: The major holiday festivals are the annual Chinese Spring Festival, Easter, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas and New Year. Japan's average IQ is 105. Their culture is a fusion of the cultures of China, Britain and other Western countries. Hongkongs reiches Kulturerbe manifestiert sich in zahllosen Festen und gelebten Traditionen. This is by far the highest number of visitors in the world. For a list of Hong Kong festivals, see Hong Kong Festivals. Aus Mangel an Platz. Family. Hong Kongers love dining as well. You can taste it as made originally, and the seafood is the Hong Kong forte. Business etiquette: Business people should be aware that a person's business card is considered to be representative of and reflect the person. Keeping Hakka Culture Alive, Part I: The Story of Hong Kong’s Mountain Pioneers. Guide, China Top Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie in unseren Cookie-Richtlinien here. in a number of important international comparisons. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Hong Kong Cultural sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Not only does the territory celebrate festivals and... Recreation. We have the blood, traditions and culture running inside our veins. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen eine möglichst bequeme Nutzung unserer Webseite zu ermöglichen, Ihre Interessen zu verstehen und um Ihnen individuell zugeschnittene Inhalte zur Verfügung zu stellen. However, unlike the other newly industrialized economies (NICs) in East Asia, under British rule the colony developed what is known as a laissez-faire economy where most people worked in small private firms and the government did little to promote or regulate industry. In 2018, Hong Kong attracted a record number of 51 million mainland visitors. Das Gebäude wurde am 8. These organizations built many hospitals, clinics, elderly homes, and even large educational and recreational facilities such as Ocean Park that have served the people well. Around the world, large public works such as these are rife with bad management and money theft and graft problems. See more about Hong Konger religions below. The percentage who call themselves Christian is about 12%. In fact, the MTR corporation is so good it is actually self-funding. People in Hong Kong also believe in numbers, with the Number 4 being avoided at all costs (since it is similar t… Hong Kong's Christmas celebrations are known internationally, and tourists might be interested in watching the annual international Dragon Boat races. Feng Shui is taken very seriously here, with expensive construction projects often hiring consultants that are believed to make or break a business. Read How to Have Dim Sum and Yum Cha in Hong Kong to learn more about this style of food, its origins and the dining culture. Das Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme. Hiking the green trails is a favourite weekend pastime. Megaprojects are everywhere in Hong Kong from the world's tallest skyline with more skyscrapers than any other city to one of the world's biggest subway systems down below ground. People live to be an average of 84.5 years in Hong Kong. The culture is quite a delight and surprising compared to the demeanor and facilities presented in many other Asian countries. They speak Cantonese in everyday discourse though they might also speak other Chinese languages and dialects. Depending on how long they have lived in Hong Kong or whether they are first, second, or third generation Hong Kongers, they may share the same basic core values and ways of thinking, basically the same culture, as the ethnically Chinese Hong Kongers, and of course they also retain a lot of the culture of their ancestral countries too. To give a general description in summary, Hong Kongers are culturally sophisticated, intelligent, fun loving, hard working, broody, adept at operating in both Western and Eastern worlds, somewhat pessimistic, and have a tendency to be more traditional in thinking as well as Christian and Westernized. The schools and universities in Hong Kong graduated many Chinese who wanted the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and for China to modernize and become more democratic. Understanding their culture involves understanding their history and present circumstances and becoming familiar with their language, customs, ideals, ethics, diet, and business practices. Suchen Sie in Stockfotos und lizenzfreien Bildern zum Thema Hong Kong Culture von iStock. The percentage of people who call themselves Buddhist is about 22%. Hong Kong recently surpassing Japan in this measure in the last two years. Traditionally, the roles between husband and wife, parent and child, elder brother and younger brother are all clearly defined. Business Culture in Hong Kong . Titled “20/20 Hong Kong Print Art Exhibition” and “Between the Lines – the Legends of Hong Kong Printing”, the events occupy the same floor space, so moving from one to the other is seamless. Hong Kongers perhaps more than other people in the world directly discuss matters online and by telephone with government staff. Hong Kong is seen by many people as the gateway to mainland China – a stepping stone to the riches promised by the potential of the People’s Republic. The two main ingredients come from China and Britain. Hong Kongers emphasize eating for their health, as a pastime, and as a way to get together with others. Attractions, China Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Hong Kong Culture sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. There is a respect for age. Finden Sie hochwertige Fotos, die Sie anderswo vergeblich suchen. For the best Cantonese food: Of course, the best Cantonese restaurants in the world are in Hong Kong. Hongkongs reiches Kulturerbe manifestiert sich in zahllosen Festen und gelebten Traditionen. The Han ethnic group started to expand from around the Beijing region of China about 4,000 years ago. Native Hong Kong people are Chinese. Sightseeing Cantonese villages: Some small towns and areas are known for local cultural sightseeing. Their everyday behavior, demeaner and attitudes are noticeably different even to tourists and travelers who have interacted with Mainlanders and local Hong Kongers just a short time. Cultural life Cultural milieu and the arts.  It is a unique culture and the world's most successful culture in several ways. Hong Kong culture was born in a sophisticated fusion of East and West. Hong Kong Culture. The way one accepts a business card and treats it represents what he is doing to the person himself. Highly rated culinary scene: The Hong Kong work ethic affords unusually good dining. The competition to enter and excel in these academies and the best schools and universities is intense, so Hong Kong children study unusually intensely and receive schooling and training from early ages. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Hong Kong Cultural in … Like Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong culture exhibits a mix of Chinese and Western. History, Chinese Everything seems to be advanced and efficient in HK. Chinese beliefs form an integral part of the culture of Hong Kong. Some Foreign Merchant Houses, 1841–1899, Hongkong 1993; Feng Banchan, Xianggang yingzi caituan [Die … Graphic Arts. According to Hong Kong's Trade and Industry Department, mainland China is Hong Kong’s main destination for domestic exports (44.2%). They get reasonable explanations whether in English or Chinese. Cultural institutions. Erleben Sie Hongkong auf einem virtuellen Rundgang auf eine ganz neue Art, 10 Dinge, die man in Hongkong erlebt haben muss. The Bagua mirror is also regularly used to shield evil spirits. To have a better understanding of this cultural phenomenon, you can give a research on the following aspects. The foreign settlement there increased the Cantonese people's contact and business with Westerners. Hong Kong people often call themselves "Hong Kongers" in English. With such a rich mix of cultures living in Hong Kong, many festivals and holidays are celebrated and observed throughout the year and these include the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid … All rights reserved. They developed an appreciation for hard work and for the personal freedoms of others, and they became daring entrepreneurs. He became the first President of China. Hong Kong developed initially on the basis of its excellent natural harbour (its Chinese name means “fragrant harbour”) and the lucrative China trade, particularly opium dealing. It is not just their Cantonese language that makes them different. Due to the better government, tradition of honesty, and low taxes, Mainland Chinese shoppers and shoppers from around the world come in to benefit from the better quality and reliability of products sold in Hong Kong's stores. October 20, 2020, Hong Kong – Spurred by COVID-19, almost 70% (68%) of Hong Kong organizations have accelerated digitalization in a variety of ways to adapt to the new reality – from launching digital products and introducing digital payments to embracing ecommerce and automation, according to a new Microsoft-IDC study focusing in the culture of innovation. For Mainland Chinese, the perceived authenticity and reliability of the products in Hong Kong often outweigh price as a buying factor. Ihre Sicherheit ist unsere Priorität. Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people have even lived with foreigners since domestic helpers lived in their houses. Hong Kong is a territory of China that is separately governed and has a high degree of autonomy. There is an unusual love for nature that manifests in that most of the territory is still preserved as natural public country parkland even though the pressures for development and urban growth are very intense. Hong Kong people have internal conflicts on which ideals and values to uphold and follow both in their own lives and in their practice in groups. Always present gifts with two hands, but gifts usually are not opened until after the visit is over. Another Han value is the value of investment in construction of huge megaprojects. They often smile more, seem happier, and are more polite and circumspect in public. Since the 1990s, there has been a foreign resident population of about 500,000 or more. Visiting the museums: The Hong Kong History Museum and the Museum of Art are good places to become familiar with Hong Kong's culture. From the Han Chinese tradition, the Hong Kongers have Confucian values, philosophy and religion such as a strong sense of social hierarchy especially within families and at the workplace, the shame-based concept of "face", and a very strong sense of the importance of education. They also developed a greater sense of internationalism since many studied and worked overseas throughout the world, and their economy thrived from the export trade and foreign commerce. Travelers to Hong Kong appreciate the world's largest and most popular old-fashioned tram system on Hong Kong Island, the world's most popular and well known ferry, the Star Ferry, and one of East Asia's best cities for dining. Hakka people are an integral part of Hong Kong history and heritage, but their culture and language is at risk of being lost. You may lose face, save face, or give face to another person. These differences of opinion often lead to clashes within families, on the job, and in the public forum. Read more about Hong Kong Facts: Top for Tourism, Business, Wealth, IQ... Greeting and visiting: Hong Kongers generally greet Westerners by shaking hands lightly. In contrast, the cultures of East Asia generally emphasize governmental hierarchical control. They were 4/5 of the record 65 million visitors in that year. It not only kept many Chinese traditions, but also experienced a baptism of western culture. It 1757, the Canton Factories area in Guangzhou was made the only legal location for foreign trade in the Qing Empire. Hong Kong is usually voted the "Best Business City in the World" in the annual readers' poll organized by Business Traveller Asia Pacific magazine. Hong Kong is a country with a unique business culture that demands a raised awareness about specific norms and values. Laws have been passed limiting the Mainlander presence in Hong Kong, but the number of tourists actually keep increasing anyway because Chinese are so eager to go there to shop, sightsee, and for recreation. After 1949, hundreds of thousands of people fled to Hong Kong from China. So for these historical reasons, the Cantonese have had much more contact with Westerners than most Han people for centuries, and through their trade and travel endeavors, their culture became more cosmopolitan and pluralistic. But in Hong Kong, the local government concentrated on working with private companies to create a mass transit system that is the world's standard. Under British rule, through foreign media influence and their everyday contact with foreigners both in Hong Kong and abroad because many traveled for business, work, and education, during the last century and a half, their distinctive Western/Eastern fusion culture has emerged. What principles guide Hong Kong business culture? Around the turn of the 19th century, Hong Kong became a center for education and political and social activism for Cantonese people. In 1997, Hong Kong was transferred to China, and they became a Special Administered Region. Hong Kongers are being increasingly influenced by the culture of the Mainland Chinese.

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